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Review: McCleary White Chocolate Irish Cream Liqueur

McCleary White Chocolate Irish Cream Liqueur was just released.  It joins the previously reviewed McCleary Irish Cream Liqueur.  McCleary is a private label brand made by Robert A. Merry and Co. in Tipperary Ireland.  I picked up my bottle at Binny’s in Chicago.    The Merrys Distillery produces several other Irish Cream brands including O’Reillys, O’Donnells, Sheelin, and Fennellys.  They also create their own line of Merrys Irish Cream Liqueurs.  McClearys White Chocolate Irish Cream is made with a blend of Irish cream, aged whiskey, grain neutral alcohol, and natural flavors.   Read more »


Review: St Patricks Irish Cream Liqueur

St Patricks Irish Cram Liqueur is produced by The Galloway Company of Neenah Wisconsin.  Galloway has been supplying an American made cream liqueur base for over ten years.  Their customer base includes companies blending this base with bourbon, rum, vodka, and wine.  RumChata is one of their customers.  St Patricks Irish Cream is contract produced at the Minhas Distillery in Monroe Wisconsin.  It is made with Irish Whisky, real Wisconsin dairy cream, and natural flavors.   Read more »


Review: Merrys White Chocolate Irish Cream

Merrys White Chocolate Irish Cream is one of five flavors Robert A Merry and CO. introduced in the summer of 2015.  The other flavors include Strawberry, Salted Caramel, Toffee Buttermint, and Pumpkin Spice.  These five flavors replace a full line of flavored Irish creams Merrys had previously produced.  White Chocolate was part of the previous line.  I don’t know if the new White Chocolate is made with the same recipe, or if the bottle was just changed.  The 2014 World Spirits Gold Medal Merrys has pictured on the new bottles label tells me this is the same formula.  Merrys White Chocolate is made with cream delivered from a creamery within 12 hours of leaving the farms gate, the finest aged Irish whiskey, grain spirits, and natural flavors. Read more »


2016 Best Tasting Irish Cream Liqueurs

mollys-pour-shotWhat are the best tasting Irish Cream Liqueurs?  Before we get started lets start at the beginning.  In 1971 a group of managers at Gilbeys had an idea to create a unique Irish drink to sell to the International market.  By 1974 they had developed a process of combining fresh dairy cream with alcohol while still providing a 2 year shelf life.  This product Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur launched an entire new spirit category.  Today there are cream liqueurs made with rum, bourbon, scotch, vodka, and even tequila.  With hundreds of cream liqueurs now available Baileys still remains the best selling Irish cream liqueur and one of the worlds best selling spirits.  That said there are now over 100 Irish Cream Liqueurs produced today.  Believe it or not all of these Irish creams are produced at six or seven distillery’s in Ireland.  While I haven’t tasted every Irish cream liqueur, dozens are not offered for sale in North America, I have tried over 60, and reviewed over 50.  There may be someone who has sampled more Irish Creams, but I have seen no one review more.  I also like Irish Cream Liqueurs, to some reviewers, Irish Cream is just another spirit to review.  These fact alone make Best Tasting Spirits a leading source for Irish Cream reviews.  I feel the large sample size and the consistency of only one reviewer increases the accuracy of this list, but in the end it comes down to one mans opinion.  So what are the Best Tasting Irish Creams, and what makes them special?    Read more


Review: Merrys Strawberry Irish Cream Liqueur

merrys-strawberry-irish-cream-liqueur-copyMerrys Strawberry Irish Cream Liqueur was introduced in 2015 and is one of six Irish cream liqueurs produced by RA Merry Co. in Clonmel County, Tipperary Ireland under the Merrys label.  The other flavors include Toffee Buttermint, Pumpkin Spice, Salted Caramel, White Chocolate, and their Original.  They also produce dozens of private label Irish cream liqueurs.  Merrys Strawberry is made with cream delivered from a creamery within 12 hours of leaving the farms gate, the finest aged Irish whiskey, grain spirits, and natural flavors. Read more »


Review: McCleary Irish Cream Liqueur

mccleary-irish-cream-liqueur-copyMcCleary Irish Cream Liqueur was recently released.  It is a private label brand of Irish Cream made by Robert Merry Co. in Clonmel County Tipperary Ireland.  I picked up my bottle at Binny’s in Chicago.  Three years ago today I launched Best Tasting Spirits with a review of Bailey’s Irish Cream Liqueur.  It only seemed fitting that I celebrate my 3 year anniversary with another Irish Cream Liqueur review.  This is my 49th Irish Cream review.  My 50th will be posted next week.  McClearys Irish Cream is made with natural Irish cream, aged Irish whiskey, grain neutral alcohol, and natural flavors. Read more »


Review: Michaels Irish Cream Liqueur

michaels-irish-cream-liqueur-copyMichaels Irish Cream Liqueur is made by Terra LTD in Bailieborough County Cavan Ireland.  Terra crafts Molly’s Irish Cream and they also produce several private label brands of Irish cream liqueur, including Brady’s, Coole Swan, and Kavanaugh Irish Cream.  Michaels is imported by BMA USA, and it is only sold in Texas.  I picked up my bottle at Specs.  This Michaels Irish Cream should not be confused with the previously reviewed Michaels Celtic Irish Cream that is made by Merry’s in Clonmel Ireland.  Michaels Irish Cream is made with Irish Whiskey, fresh dairy cream, and natural flavors.      Read more »


Review: ODonnells Pumpkin Spice Irish Cream

odonnells-pumpkin-spice-irish-cream-liqueur-copyODonnells Pumpkin Spice Irish Cream is sold at Aldi Foods.  At one time Aldi sold several ODonnells Irish Cream varieties including White Chocolate, Strawberry, Mint Chocolate, Caramel Cream, and their Original ODonnells Irish Cream.  While all these flavors may still be produced, the only ones I’ve seen lately are Strawberry, Original, and their new seasonal Pumpkin Spice.  ODonnells Pumpkin Spice Irish Cream is made by R A Merry and Company in Clonmel County Tipperary Ireland with grape wine, natural flavors, and caramel color, and is bottled at 13.9% alcohol. Read more »


Review: Sheelin Irish Cream Liqueur

sheelin-irish-cream-liqueur-copySheelin Irish Cream Liqueur is made in Tipperary Ireland by R.A. Merry, the makers of Merrys Irish Cream and several private label brands of Irish Cream Liqueur.  They also create Sheelin White Chocolate Irish Cream.  Sheelin Irish Cream is sold at Total Wine and More.  It is made with Grape Wine, cream and natural flavors. Read more »


Review: O’Connery’s Irish Cream Liqueur

oconnerys-irish-cream-liqueur-copyO’Connery’s Irish Cream Liqueur was just released by Sazerac.  It is produced by First Ireland Spirits in Abbeyleix, County Laois, Ireland.  This is the same company that crafts the previously reviewed Feeney’s, O’Mara’s, Delaney’s, and McCormick’s Irish Cream Liqueurs.  Sazerac already has several Irish Cream Liqueurs in their product portfolio including Feeney’s.  They also have two Irish Style Irish Cream Liqueurs, Ryan’s and Blarney.  Irish Style means the cream is not from Ireland.  O’Connery’s Irish Cream is a true Irish Cream, but little product information is available at this time.  Read more »