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Posts from the ‘Coffee Liqueur’ Category


Review: Els Iced Coffee

Els Iced Coffee was recently released.  It is one of three Els Iced spirits recently released.  The other flavors include Els Iced Chocolate, and Els Iced Chocolate Mint.  Els Iced Coffee is named for Golfer Ernie Els, who Founder Cayce Kerr first met on the golf range at Royal Birkdale in 1989.  They have been friends every since.  While Cayce is a caddie by trade, it was not until the Spring of 2016 that he became Ernie Els caddie.  Els Iced Coffee is made with orange wine, fresh cream from a dairy in Wisconsin, a blend of natural coffee flavors, and caramel color.  Read more »


Review: Sugarlands Pumpkin Spice Latte Cream Liqueur

Sugarlands Pumpkin Spice Latte Cream Liqueur is one of four Appalachian Sippin Cream liqueurs, made at the Sugarlands Distilling Company.  The others include Electric Orange, Dark Chocolate Coffee, and Butter Pecan.  The Sugarlands Distilling Company opened March 2014. They also produce 16 varieties of moonshine, rum, and rye.  The Sugarlands distillery grinds their own grain and distill their products onsite.  Each year nearly 1 million people visit the distillery in Gatlinburg Tennessee making it Americas top-rated distillery experience.  Read more »


Review: Marble Moonlight Expresso

Marble Moonlight Expresso is crafted at the Marble Distillery in Carbondale Colorado.  Did I mention this is also home to The Distillery Inn?  The Distillery Inn is the worlds only inn housed within a working distillery.  Opened in 2015 the distillery is the result of three couples shared interest of craft distilling, and sustainable business.  This is the first distillery in the US to recycle 100% of process water, and capture and reuse the energy from the distilling process.  Moonlight Expresso is made from a 60% ABV corn based distillate and is re-distilled in Hazel, their 250 gallon Vendome copper pot still.  Vapor is transferred through a botanical basket filled with whole coffee beans and Ugandan vanilla beans.  This results in a 82 ABV coffee infused vodka.  Locally roasted coffee is cold brewed in a mash tun for a minimum of 18 hours, heated and mixed with pure cane sugar to create a coffee based simple syrup which is then combined with the coffee/vanilla infused vodka.  The Marble Distillery works with Bonfire Coffee Company located just down the road from the distillery.  They have a roasting division and roast the Guatemalan beans used to craft Marble Moonlight Expresso. Read more »