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May 25, 2016


Review: Not Your Fathers Vanilla Cream Ale

by Jeff Ellingson

Not Your Father Vanilla Cream AleNot Your Fathers Vanilla Cream Ale was just released.  This follows the release of their Root Beer and Ginger Ale flavors.  I am careful not to describe them as hard soda flavors.  While Not Your Fathers Root Beer launched the hard soda revolution, I have not heard them describe their products as hard soda.  Most hard soda flavors are brewed and then have the flavor stripped before adding flavor.  Not Your Fathers Vanilla Cream Ale is a beer brewed with natural Madagascar vanilla and other natural and artificial flavors, caramel color, and quillaia.It pours to a golden amber color with a medium tan head that looks and lasts like beer.  The aroma is vanilla extract and baking spices with a light beer backing.  The feel is thick and creamy with natural vanilla flavor that is creamy without tasting artificial.  It fades with vanilla bean milkshake flavor without being over sweet.  Not Your Fathers Vanilla Cream Ale is a beer I could drink all night.  If I strain very hard I can pick up a hint of beer flavor, but most people will thing they are drinking a soft vanilla cream ale.  If you are building a Mt Rushmore of Hard Soda’s, save one head for Not Your Fathers Vanilla Cream Ale.

Originally crafted in Wauconda Illinois

4.1% Alcohol

Award Platinum Medal


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  1. Steve Johnson
    Apr 8 2018

    We found it once in a local grocery store. That was the last time we found any. We all loved it. I have driven all around town looking for it. How can I order it online?

    • Apr 8 2018

      Not Your Fathers Vanilla Cream Ale is still available in my market, the Chicago area and you can find it at Binnys. You can order online from Binnys but you will have to live in a state that allows alcohol to be shipped from out of state.


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