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March 19, 2018

Review: Bacardi 8 Anos Rum

by Jeff Ellingson

Bacardi 8 Anos Rum was originally created in 1862.  It was the exclusive party rum of the Bacardi family for over 130 years, and still today it only exists in very limited stock.  The Bacardi Company got its start when Don Facundo Bacardi Masso purchased a distillery in 1862 in Cuba for 3500 pesos.  They continued producing rum in Cuba until 1960 when their distillery was seized as part of the Cuban Revolution.  Since then they have been distilling their rum in Puerto Rico.  This molasses based rum is fermented with a single strain of yeast, Le Levadura Bacardi.  After distilling, the spirit is aged for a minimum 8 years in oak barrels, and then blended by their Master Blender.Bacardi Ocho pours to a golden copper color.  The aroma is vanilla, banana, caramel, brown sugar, apricot preserve, raisin, and oak.  Additional time in the glass brings out more charred oak and butterscotch.  The sweet brown sugar and allspice entry has a subtle oak backing.  Juicy spiced orange, poppy seed, and creamy caramel arrive building to an apricot peak.  It fades with cinnamon and nutmeg.  The smooth finish is semidry with oak, molasses, and orange peel flavor, that leaves burnt banana after taste.  Bacardi 8 Anos Rum has a flavor profile like no rum I’ve tasted before.  While I can see why the Bacardi family served this rum for special occasions, I’m glad they are now sharing it with us.  I’m anxious to try Bacardi’s new Grand Reserva Diez.  This 10 year old rum is scheduled to be released in April

Made in Puerto Rico

40% Alcohol

Score: 91

Award: Gold Medal

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