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Review: Holly Nog


Holly Nog Pic - CopyIntroduced in 2013, Holly Nog is made in Pewaukee Wisconsin by Midwest Custom Bottling.  Midwest is the group behind Rum Chata.  Packaged in a clear glass bottle at 14% alcohol and made with Wisconsin dairy cream, wine, sugar, and holiday spices, it is available from September until the supply is gone, usually around New Years. Read more »


Review: Mothers Original Holiday Nog

Mothers Original Holiday NogMothers Original Holiday Nog is made in Princeton Minnesota and bottled at 12.5% alcohol.  It is made with rum and custard crème liqueur.  They are part of the Crosby Lake Spirits Company portfolio that includes the previously reviewed Mothers Pumpkin Spice Cream and the Kinky and Ricacha brands of liqueur. Read more »


Review: Christian Brothers Holiday Nog

Christian Brothers Egg NogChristian Brothers Holiday Nog was the first to bottle the natural flavors of eggnog and brandy.  Made with their signature brandy in Bardstown Kentucky it is only available for about three months each year. Read more »