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October 11, 2017

Review: Van Gogh Citroen Vodka

by Jeff Ellingson

Van Gogh Citroen Vodka was introduced in 2000.  It is one of 16 flavored vodka’s currently crafted at the Royal Dirkzwager Distillery in Tilburg, The Netherlands.  At one time they produced 22 flavors.  Van Gogh Citroen is made from a vodka base of wheat, corn, and barley.  It is small batch double distilled by Master Distiller Tim Vos.  The first distillation is in a column still and then it is distilled again in a pot still.  Purified water is blended to reduce to proof.  Lemons grown in the United States and lime grown in Southeast Asia are double infused with the vodka base for six weeks before bottling at 70 proof.The aroma leads with fresh squeezed lemons, with a lime zest backing.  The subtle creamy lemon entry has a soft mouth feel and smooth straight vodka taste.  The natural lemon flavor intensifies as it warms, building to a tart lemon lime peak.  The silky finish has gentle warmth, tart whole lime taste, and a mild sting.  Van Gogh Citroen starts with a well crafted vodka base, and infuses real lemons and limes, not “natural”  lemon and lime flavor.  The result is an adult vodka that leads with tree grown fruit flavor, infused to build upon, and not bury the vodka base.

Citrus Fizz

.75 Oz. Van Gogh Citroen Vodka

.75 Oz. Van Gogh Oranje Vodka

1 Oz. Fresh Orange Juice

1 Oz. Club Soda

Shake With Ice and Strain

Into an Ice Filled Glass

Garnish With an Orange Wheel

Five Point Scale

Flavor: 4

Flavor Intensity: 2.5

Sweetness: 2

Vodka Taste/Presence: 3.75

Finish: 4.25

Made in The Netherlands

35% Alcohol

Score: 91

Award: Gold Medal

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