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March 25, 2018

Review: The Real McCoy 5 Year Old Rum

by Jeff Ellingson

The Real McCoy 5 Year Old Rum is produced at the Four Square Distillery in Barbados.  The Real McCoy brand of rum is named for Bill McCoy the pioneer rum runner of the Prohibition era.  He was the first person to load his boat with rum and sail up to New York in January of 1920.  He parked his boat 3 miles of the coast in international waters so as to obey the law.  His rum was never cut with turpentine, wood alcohol, prune juice or water as many others did.  His rum soon became know as the Real McCoy because it was unadulterated.  Bailey Pryor while producing a documentary of the life of Bill McCoy found the distillery that supplied Bill McCoy his rum.  After speaking with forth generation master distiller Richard Seale he launched the Real McCoy brand.  The rum is created in a classic dry rum style which was the style Bill McCoy sold from his ocean parked boat.  The rum is made from black strap molasses, yeast, and pure spring water.  After a 44 hour fermentation in a closed top tank, the molasses wine is split in half.  Half is distilled in a 2 column Coffey still and the other half is distilled in a 1500 liter copper pot still.  The rums are aged separately for 5 years in heavy char American oak bourbon barrels.  Once mature these rums are blended.  Barbados spring water is then mixed to reduce to 80 proof.  No sugars, perfumes, or coloring are added before bottling.It pours to a golden copper color.  The aroma is vanilla, oak, brown sugar, raisin, cinnamon, butterscotch, and orange peel.  The sweet vanilla, cola, and brown sugar entry is joined by caramel.  Orange peel arrives before finishing silky smooth and dry with oak, toffee, coconut cream, almond, and nutmeg.  While I wouldn’t swim 3 miles out to sea to purchase a bottle of this rum, if the rum Bill McCoy sold tasted anything like this, I can see why many people were willing to risk their lives taking their rickety 1920 era boats 3 miles out to sea to acquire this rum.

The Bajan Mule

1.5 Oz. The Real McCoy 5 Year Old Rum

2.5 Oz. Ginger Beer

A Generous Squeeze of Fresh Lime Juice

Serve in an Ice Filled Copper Mug

Garnish With a Lime Slice

Made in Barbados

40% Alcohol

Score: 94

Award: Double Gold Medal

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