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October 2, 2017

Review: St Augustine Florida Cane Vodka

by Jeff Ellingson

St Augustine Florida Cane Vodka is made at the St Augustine Distillery located in the historic FP&L Ice Plant, built as part of St Augustine Florida’s first Power and Ice complex in 1907.  This plant was the first to make commercial block ice in Florida.  This distillery also crafts Bourbon, Gin, and Rum.  Their Florida Cane Vodka was introduced in 2014 and is made from 100% Florida farmed sugar cane.  The cane neutral spirit is re-distilled in a copper pot still.  The distiller makes cuts by hand ensuring only the best quality spirit goes into each bottle.  The aroma is lemon, cream, and molasses.  The sweet cream and molasses entry has a soft mouth feel with flavor I attribute to the copper from the pot still.  Lemon citrus arrives and is joined by milk chocolate cherry, and coconut flavor at the midpoint.  It fades warm, and dry, with anise and charcoal taste leaving a mild sting and oily mineral texture.  St Augustine Florida Cane Vodka is tasty, soft, and creamy, and it would have scored even higher without the heavy charcoal finish.


1.5 Oz. St Augustine Florida Cane Vodka

.5 Oz. St Germain

.5 Oz. Grapefruit Juice

.5 Oz. Lemon Juice

.25 Oz. Simple Syrup

Shake With Ice and Strain

Into a Chilled Coupe Glass

Garnish With a Lemon Peel

Made in St Augustine Florida

40% Alcohol

Score: 88

Award: Silver Medal

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