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December 28, 2017

Review: Saint James Heritage Rum

by Jeff Ellingson

Saint James Heritage Rum is made with a meticulous blend of rums carefully selected from six of the finest Caribbean Islands by Master Blender Myriam Bredas.  These rums are distilled and aged for 12 months in Martinique, Guadeloupe, Guyana, Trinidad, Jamaica, and Barbados.  Some of these rums are distilled with molasses, and some with fresh pure sugarcane juice.  Saint James was born in Saint-Pierre de la Martinique in 1765 from the hands of Reverend Father Edmund Lefebure.  This dignified priest crafted a cane spirit called Guildive.  Today this spirit is known as Rhum Agricole.  Saint James continues to produce rum from fresh pure sugarcane juice, and one of these rums is included in Saint James Heritage Rum.   Saint James Heritage Rum pours to a golden color, the result of aging for only 12 months.  The aroma is toasted oak, spice, orange peel, vanilla, banana, and molasses.  The sweet cane, orange, and tropical fruit entry is joined by vanilla, building to a creamy banana peak.  It fades with oak and spice, finishing dry with molasses, allspice, and oak taste, and a warm peppery sting.

Made with Rum Distilled in Martinique, Guadeloupe,

Guyana, Trinidad, Jamaica, and Barbados

Then Blended in Martinique

40% Alcohol

Score: 90

Award: Silver Medal

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