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August 7, 2017

Review: New Amsterdam Lemon Vodka

by Jeff Ellingson

New Amsterdam Lemon Vodka was just released.  This is New Amsterdam’s eighth flavored vodka.  A Ninth, Raspberry will arrive next month.  New Amsterdam Vodka sales grew by 36% in 2016 and now exceed 5 million cases per year.  This makes them the second largest domestic vodka brand, trailing only Smirnoff.  Not bad for a vodka first introduced in 2011.  New Amsterdam Lemon starts with a vodka base made from the finest grains.  It is distilled 5 times and filtered 3 times.  Natural lemon flavors are infused before bottling at 70 proof.The aroma is lemon with a grain vodka backing.  The bright lemon entry is both sweet and juicy.  It builds to a tart lemonade peak and fades with creamy lemon sorbet flavor.  The finish is warm with vodka notes bleeding through the whole lemon flavor and leaving a bitter lemon peel taste.  New Amsterdam Lemon Vodka has a nice burst of sweetened lemon flavor that will work well mixed in your next cocktail.  While New Amsterdam already makes a citrus flavored vodka that leads with lemon flavor, I find New Amsterdam Lemon Vodka superior in both taste and finish.

Five Point Scale

Flavor: 3.25

Flavor Intensity: 3.75

Sweetness: 3

Vodka Taste/Presence: 3.5

Finish: 2.5

Made in Modesto California

35% Alcohol

Score: 89

Award: Silver Medal

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