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December 4, 2017

Review: Greenbar Tru Vodka

by Jeff Ellingson

Greenbar Tru Vodka was recently released, replacing Tru Organic Vodka, in The Greenbar Distillery stable of organic spirits.  You may have noticed the new package design of their entire product line including Crusoe Rum, IXA Tequila, and Slow Hand Six Woods Whiskey.  With Greenbar Tru Vodka the change was more than just cosmetic, they changed the recipe.  The husband and wife team of Melkon Khosrovian and Litty Matthew have never been about playing it safe.  Since launching Modern Spirits in Monrovia California in 2004 the two have crafted dozen of spirits including rum, vodka, gin, whiskey, and liqueurs.  They even killed their first brand Modern Spirits to get out of a horrible distribution contract.  Anyone remember Modern Chocolate-Orange or Grapefruit Honey Vodka?  Greenbar Tru Vodka is made from three ingredients American organic wheat, California grown organic pomegranate and pure water.  The organic wheat and pomegranate are distilled separately in a continuous distillation column still and gently charcoal filtered.  They are then blended together.  Pure water filtered through reverse osmosis is added to reduce to 80 proof.   The aroma is toffee, semisweet chocolate, fresh milled wheat, just peeled pomegranate and vanilla bean.  The toffee, chocolate, and wheat entry has a creamy mouth feel.  Juicy pomegranate flavor arrives building to a pomegranate pastry peak.  It fades with long lasting tart pomegranate and creamy vanilla bean flavor.  The finish adds southing warmth and a hint of milk chocolate, leaving lightly tart semidry vanilla softened pomegranate aftertaste.  I would liked to say Greenbar Tru Vodka is the best new vodka introduced in 2017, but I think it’s more impressive to say Greenbar Tru Vodka has earned a spot on my Top Ten Vodka List.

Made in Los Angeles California

40% Alcohol

Score: 95

Award: Double Gold Medal

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