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November 19, 2014

Review: Devotion Black and Blue Vodka

by Jeff Ellingson

devotion black and blue - CopyDevotion Black and Blue vodka is one of six flavors that along with their original unflavored vodka are made in Middleton Wisconsin.  They use 100% high grade USA non-GMO corn and deionized water.  It is distilled six times and multi filtered.  Devotion has teamed up with Allen Flavors, the makers of Arizona Iced Tea to develop an essence process along with natural flavor compounds to ensure no additional sugars or sweeteners are needed.  Their Black and Blue vodka includes the sweet taste of Oregon Blackberries blended with crisp fresh California blueberries in this process, before bottling at 80 proof.The aroma is blackberry and blueberry with a hint of bubble gum and a vodka backing.  The blackberry flavored entry is dryer than most flavored vodka’s, the result of no added sugar.  As the vodka warms in my mouth the natural sweetness of the blackberries shine through, building to a lightly tart blueberry peak.  The finish is very smooth and dry with only a wisp of heat and vodka flavor on the finish.  Devotion does a good job of balancing the two berries taste, and while those looking for a flavor explosion maybe disappointed, the natural berry flavor here is more than subtle.

Black and Blue Lemonade

2 Oz. Devotion Black and Blue vodka

4 Blueberries

4 Blackberries

Muddle Berries gently in a high ball glass

Add Ice

Fill glass with sugar free lemonade

Garnish with 4 Basil leaves or a lemon wedge

Made in Middleton Wisconsin

40% Alcohol

Grade 92  Award Gold Medal

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