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November 18, 2017

Review: Chase Orange Marmalade Vodka

by Jeff Ellingson

Chase Orange Marmalade Vodka was initially a limited edition release.  The response was so strong it was made one of their flagship flavors.  It is made from a vodka base crafted with King Edward, and Lady Claire potatoes, estate grown on the family farm.  16 tonnes of potatoes are needed to make 1000 liters of alcohol.  Once harvested the potatoes are fermented with brewers yeast for one week.  The spirit is distilled four times in a Bespoke copper batch still and then twice more in a rectification column still.  The column is the tallest of its kind on the world.  At 70 feet it raises through the roof of the barn.  Water drawn from an onsite aquifer filtered through reverse osmosis and deionized is blended to reduce to proof.  The vodka base is marinated with thick cut orange marmalade and ribbons of peel from Seville Oranges.  The spirit is distilled again with orange peel from Valencia.  A final maceration with rough cut marmalade is followed by a chill filtration.  The vodka is bottling onsite at 80 proof in Herefordsshire England Wisconsin.             It pours to a golden orange color.  The aroma is fresh squeezed orange with copper/caramel and a creamy vodka backing.  The sweet orange entry builds to a juicy orange peak.  It fades with sweet orange marmalade flavor, simple syrup, and vanilla.  The finish is warm and smooth with mineral and a sweet mild peppery sting.  Chase Orange Marmalade Vodka is a natural orange marmalade flavored vodka, that finishes smooth with bittersweet orange rind taste.

Five Point Scale

Flavor: 4

Flavor Intensity: 4.25

Sweetness: 4.5

Vodka Taste/Presence: 3.75

Finish: 3.50

Made in Herefordshire England

40% Alcohol

Score: 92

Award: Gold Medal


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