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November 20, 2017

Review: Camus Borderies XO Cognac

by Jeff Ellingson

Camus Borderies XO Cognac was first released in 2000.  Camus cognac has been produced by five generations of the Camus family since 1863 when Jean Baptiste Camus organized a group of producers to sell cognac under the brand La Grande Marque.  Cyril Camus currently leads the company and he also developed Camus Borderies XO Cognac.  Produced mainly from the most prized vines in Domaines Camus Estates, the wine is distilled on the lees.  Borderies XO is a single-growth extra old cognac having been aged in Limousin oak barrels for over six years.     The aroma is vanilla, cinnamon, oak and floral.  Additional time in the glass brings out apple, almond, brown sugar and grape.  The sweet apple entry is joined by cinnamon.  Vanilla flavor arrives building to a juicy grape peak.  It fades with almond and floral notes, and finishes dry with southing warmth and vanilla, almond, and oak taste.  What makes Camus Borderies XO Cognac so special is the range of fruit, nut, and spice flavor delicately balanced with notes of oak and floral.  Camus Borderies XO Cognac has earned a spot on the top shelf of my personal bar next to a bottle of Don Julio 1942.

Made in Cognac France

40% Alcohol

Score: 95

Award: Double Gold Medal

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