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July 27, 2017

Review: 8 Degree Cucumber Vodka

by Jeff Ellingson

8 Degree Cucumber Vodka is made from grain.  It is distilled eight times in the Netherlands.  Pristine spring water is added to reduce to proof.  After arriving in California, the Levecke Corporation adds cucumber flavor before bottling at 70 proof.The aroma is vanilla and sliced cucumber.  The sweet vanilla frosting entry is joined by cucumber flavor.  It fades with white chocolate and vodka flavor, and finishes with bitter cucumber skin taste, and a warm peppery sting with a mild vodka burn.

Five Point Scale

Flavor: 2

Flavor Intensity: 3

Sweetness: 4

Vodka Taste/Presence: 4

Finish: 1.5

Made with Vodka Distilled in The Netherlands

35% Alcohol

Score: 86

Award: Bronze Medal

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