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Review; Effen Dutch Raspberry Vodka

effen dutch raspberry - CopyEffen Dutch Raspberry vodka is one of five vodka flavors Effen creates in Holland starting with a 120 year old recipe.  The use Dutch grown wheat and pure spring water that has been further filtered through reverse osmosis.  A low temperature continuous rectification process is used to avoid caramelization of the sugars.  This eliminates the bitter after taste found in some vodkas.  The vodka is then filtered five times through active carbon in a bottom up filtration process.  Natural raspberry and vanilla flavor is added before bottling at 75 proof in a red insulating polymer bottle sleeved bottle. Read more »


Review: Svedka Raspberry Vodka

Svedka raspberry - CopySvedka Raspberry vodka is one of 12 vodka flavors they create in Sweden.  Svedka is currently the second largest imported vodka brand in the US.  Ice cold water from underground springs and four pounds of Swedish Winter wheat are used to make one 750ml bottle of Svedka.  They use a continuous distillation process and then run the vodka through high performance purification columns five separate times to remove impurities.  All natural raspberry flavor is added before bottling at 70 proof. Read more »


Review: Skyy Infusions Raspberry Vodka

skyy raspberry - CopySkyy Infusions Raspberry vodka was introduced in 2008 when they launched their Infusions line of vodka.  It is one of 13 flavored vodkas they currently offer.  It is made with Midwestern grown wheat and water filtered through reverse osmosis.  They quadruple distill and triple filter their vodka through California limestone.  All natural raspberry flavor is then infused before bottling in their trademark cobalt blue bottle. Read more »


Review: Belvedere Black Raspberry Vodka

belvedere black raspberry - CopyBelvedere Black Raspberry vodka is made with their super premium vodka that is made in Poland with Dankowskie rye and pure Artesian water.  It is distilled four times and filtering twice.  Fresh black currents, red raspberries and rose petal essence, are gently soaked up to five weeks.  The flavors and aromas are extracted in a process called maceration.  These essential oils are then blended with the vodka.  No sugar or artificial flavor is added before bottling at 80 proof.      Read more »


Review: Smirnoff Raspberry Vodka

smirnoff raspberry - CopySmirnoff Raspberry vodka was originally introduced as Smirnoff Twist of Raspberry, and while the name was changed the recipe remained the same.  It is one of 42 flavors they create with their Recipe 21 vodka as a base.  Recipe 21 is made with premium grain which is triple distilled and filtered ten times.  The essence of ripe red raspberry is then infused. Read more »


Review: Sobieski Raspberry Vodka

sobieski raspberry vodka - CopySobieski Raspberry vodka was introduced October 2010 along with their Karamel, and Orange flavors.  It is one of twelve vodka flavors made in Stargard Odanski Poland by Sobieski for the US market.  If the brand name sounds familiar it might be their commercials with Bruce Willis.  Sobieski starts with Dankowski Rys and crystalline water from Oligocene Springs.  They use a continuous distillation process before natural flavors are added.  Sobieski is the number one selling vodka in Poland. Read more »


Review: Stoli Razberi Vodka

stoli razberi - CopyStoli Razberi vodka was the worlds first raspberry flavored vodka when it was introduced in 1996.  It is currently Stoli’s best selling flavored vodka, and one of the worlds top selling flavored vodka’s.  It is one of 17 vodka flavors currently created by Stoli in Latvia with wheat and pure Artisian well water.  It is triple distilled before the heads and oily tails are removed, leaving only the heart of the vodka.  Natural raspberry flavor is infused and it is filtered four times.  First through quartz sand and finally through charcoal from Russian birch, before it is bottled at 70 proof. Read more »


Review: Pinnacle Raspberry Vodka

pinnacle raspberry - CopyPinnacle Raspberry vodka was one of the first six flavored vodkas Pinnacle launched in 2005.  Their parent Beam Suntory now creates over 40 flavors under the Pinnacle label.  It is made with pure French spring water and wheat.  It is distilled 5 times before it is shipped to Frankfort Kentucky where all natural flavors are added before bottling at 70 proof. Read more »


Review: Three Olives Raspberry Vodka

three olives raspberry - CopyThree Olives Raspberry vodka was introduced January 2003.  It was launched with their Vanilla flavor as their third and fourth flavors.  It is now one of 28 vodka flavors Proximo creates under the Three-O label.  It is distilled in England, but currently not available for sale in the UK.  It is distilled with English wheat and water for Lake Vyrnmy in Wales at the G&J Greenalls distillery.  The vodka is quadruple distilled and triple filtered before natural raspberry flavor is added in Lawrenceburg Indiana, where it is bottled at 70 proof. Read more »


Review: Moon Mountain Wild Raspberry Vodka

Moon Mountain wild raspberry - CopyMoon Mountain Wild Raspberry vodka was introduced by Diageo with their Coastal Citrus, and Artisanal unflavored vodka November 2010.  While I still find this vodka on the shelves of liquor stores, their website now directs me to  The Moon Mountain name was inspired by the Sonoma California vineyard where master distiller Gerry Webb took his inspiration to craft a vodka with the same love and detail as a fine wine.  Ironically this vineyard is now closed.  Moon Mountain uses the finest corn grown in Minnesota and Indiana and distill the vodka twice in Plainfield Illinois.  A third distillation in a copper pot still originally made in Scotland in 1934 and used to create gin follows.  Purified water and a state of the art filtration follows, before natural organic flavors including wild raspberry and elderberry extract are added in Lawrenceburg Indiana where it is bottled at 70 proof. Read more »