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Review: Brinley Gold Shipwreck Mango Rum

brinley mango - CopyBrinley Gold Shipwreck Mango rum is one of five rums made in St. Kitts.  At 69 square miles St. Kitts is the smallest Country in the Western Hemisphere.  Brinley rum was created when after 20 years Bob Brinley closed his medical supply business and the Brinley’s were looking for a way to stay on the island of St. Kitts.  They set a mission of creating the smoothest natural flavored rums.  They began selling their molasses based column distilled rum in 2002.  In 2012 they rebranded the line to include the Shipwreck name to honor the recent discovery of a British ship sunk off the coast of St. Kitts, by the French during the battle of Frigate Bay in 1787.  Brinley rum is aged in bourbon oak barrels for four years.  Natural Brazilian mango is blended before bottling at 72 proof. Read more »


Review: Calico Jack Mango Rum

Slide 1Calico Jack Mango rum is one of nine rum flavors Beam Suntory creates under the Calico Jack label.  Beam Suntory purchased the Calico Jack line of rum in 2012 from White Rock Distilleries in 2012 along with their Pinnacle brand of vodka.  White Rock originally launched their rum line in 1993 and their mango flavor was first named Mango Jack before rebranding to Calico Jack.  Calico Jack is named for Calico Jack Rackman, a pirate nicknamed for the shirts he wore and famous for designing and flying the Jolly Roger flag.  CJ Mango is made with rum distilled in St. Croix.  Natural flavors are added in Frankfort Kentucky where it is bottled at 42 proof. Read more »


Review: Captain Morgan Parrot Bay Mango Rum

parrot bay mango - CopyCaptain Morgan Parrot Bay Mango rum was introduced May 2004.  It is one of seven rum flavors they create with white rum distilled in St. Croix.  Natural mango flavor is added before bottling at 21% alcohol. Read more »


Review: Cruzan Mango Rum

cruzan mango rum - CopyCruzan Mango rum was introduced in 2003.  It is one of 15 flavored rums Cruzan creates with rum distilled in St. Croix with tropical rain water and high quality molasses.  They use a five column distillation process and remove the heads and fusel oils before aging in oak barrels.  The rum is then shipped to the Florida Caribbean Distillers in Auburndale Florida where natural mango flavor is added before bottling at 54 proof. Read more »


Review: Malibu Mango Rum

Malibu mango - CopyMalibu Mango rum was introduced with their Pineapple rum May 2004.  They were the first two flavors they released after the success of their Original Malibu Coconut rum.  It is one of 13 flavors they now create with triple filtered rum from the West Indies Distillery in Barbados.  Natural Mango flavor is added in Canada, where it is bottled at 42 proof. Read more »


Review: Bacardi Mango Fusion Rum

Bacardi Mango Fusion RumBacardi Mango Fusion rum was introduced in April 2014.  It is one of 15 flavored rums they make in Puerto Rico.  Bacardi has been distilling rum since 1852 when they launched their company in Cuba.  Bacardi is the worlds number one selling rum brand, and they were the first to bottle a flavored rum when they introduced their Limon flavor in 1995.  Mango Fusion, like their other flavored rums is bottled at 35% alcohol.  This is stronger than most competing brands including Malibu, Cruzan, and Parrot Bay.  Their flavored rums start at 21% alcohol. Read more »