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Review: Five Farms Irish Cream Liqueur

Five Farms Irish Cream Liqueur is the world’s first farm to table Irish cream liqueur.  Five Farms is positioned as a super premium Irish Cream and is exclusively sourced and produced in County Cork Ireland.  County Cork is the largest and Southernmost County in Ireland.  Five Farms is crafted from single batches of fresh cream sourced from five family owned farms.  The fresh cream is combined with premium triple distilled Irish whiskey, within 48 hours of leaving the farm.  Five Farms is made with 10% Irish Whiskey.  This is a higher amount of whiskey than other Irish Cream Liqueurs.   Read more »


Review: Baileys Strawberries and Cream

Baileys Strawberries and Cream is a seasonal Limited Edison liqueur that will be available February-April or until supply lasts.  I was lucky enough to get my hands on a bottle a little early.  This is their second seasonal flavor following Baileys Pumpkin Spice.  While no ingredients are listed on the bottle, Baileys Original Irish Cream is made with aged Irish whiskey, grain spirits, fresh dairy cream, and a unique chocolate blend.  This bottle reads Baileys Strawberries and Cream is infused with a delightful ripe strawberry flavor and the taste of delicious vanilla. Read more »


Review: Els Iced Coffee

Els Iced Coffee was recently released.  It is one of three Els Iced spirits recently released.  The other flavors include Els Iced Chocolate, and Els Iced Chocolate Mint.  Els Iced Coffee is named for Golfer Ernie Els, who Founder Cayce Kerr first met on the golf range at Royal Birkdale in 1989.  They have been friends every since.  While Cayce is a caddie by trade, it was not until the Spring of 2016 that he became Ernie Els caddie.  Els Iced Coffee is made with orange wine, fresh cream from a dairy in Wisconsin, a blend of natural coffee flavors, and caramel color.  Read more »


Review: McCleary White Chocolate Irish Cream Liqueur

McCleary White Chocolate Irish Cream Liqueur was just released.  It joins the previously reviewed McCleary Irish Cream Liqueur.  McCleary is a private label brand made by Robert A. Merry and Co. in Tipperary Ireland.  I picked up my bottle at Binny’s in Chicago.    The Merrys Distillery produces several other Irish Cream brands including O’Reillys, O’Donnells, Sheelin, and Fennellys.  They also create their own line of Merrys Irish Cream Liqueurs.  McClearys White Chocolate Irish Cream is made with a blend of Irish cream, aged whiskey, grain neutral alcohol, and natural flavors.   Read more »


Review: St Patricks Irish Cream Liqueur

St Patricks Irish Cram Liqueur is produced by The Galloway Company of Neenah Wisconsin.  Galloway has been supplying an American made cream liqueur base for over ten years.  Their customer base includes companies blending this base with bourbon, rum, vodka, and wine.  RumChata is one of their customers.  St Patricks Irish Cream is contract produced at the Minhas Distillery in Monroe Wisconsin.  It is made with Irish Whisky, real Wisconsin dairy cream, and natural flavors.   Read more »


Review: Adelaides Dreamsicle

Adelaides Dreamsicle is a cream liqueur made from Orange wine, natural flavors, and real dairy cream.  This is one of three new liqueurs recently released by Carr Spirits.  What is orange wine?  There are actually two types of orange wine.  One is made from white wine grapes that are left to macerate with their skins on.  This wine originated in the Republic of Georgia and about five years ago some wineries in the US started making it here.  The orange wine used in crafting Adelaides Dreamsicle is made from the other orange wine, which is made from fruit.  These orange wines are commonly used in RTD brands including Tekeen and BeatBox.  Like the previously reviewed, and home kitchen created Adelaides Coconut, and Adelaides Caramel Mocha Mojo, Adelaides Dreamsicle is made from genuine ingredients with no artificial flavors added.      Read more »


Review: Adelaides Caramel Mocha Mojo Liqueur

Adelaides Caramel Mocha Liqueur is one of three liqueurs recently released by Carr Spirits.  A fourth, a Dragonfruit Cream liqueur is hinted at on their website.  With 30 years of Senior Management experience with companies including The E&J Gallo Winery, The Paddington Corporation, IDV/Diageo, Luxco, Margaritaville, and Sazerac, Tom Carr is the CEO behind this brand.  The entire Adelaides line is made with genuine ingredients with no artificial flavors added.  Adelaides Caramel Mocha Mojo was crafted in Tom Carr’s family kitchen by blending different flavors provided by Friesland Campina Creamy Creations in Holland.  Their Caramel Mocha Mojo is made with neutral grain spirits, real dairy cream and it is bottled by St. Petersburg Distillery.  Read more »


Review: Adelaides Coconut Liqueur

Adelaides Coconut Liqueur is one of three award winning liqueurs recently launched by CEO and Founder Tom Carr.  The other flavors include Dreamsicle, and Caramel Mocha Mojo.  The name Adelaides came from the name of Tom Carr’s Granddaughter.  The flavors were born in the family’s kitchen by blending different flavors provided by Friesland Campina Creamy Creations in Holland.  Adelaides is bottled by St Petersburg Disitllery.  Adelaides Coconut Liqueur is made from neutral grain spirits, pure coconut meat, and natural flavors.  No artificial flavors or colors are added. Read more »


Review: Luxardo Limoncello

Luxardo Limoncello was first advertised in 1905.  A new formula with 25% more fresh lemon juice and essential oils from the peel of Sicilian lemons was released May 2010.  Luxardo currently produces several spirits including Maraschino Liqueur, Sambuca, Amaretto, and Grappa.  Girolamo Luxardo built the first Luxardo distillery in 1821 to produce Maraschino Liqueur.  Today the sixth generation of the family is still active in the company. Read more »


Review: Marble Gingercello Reserve

Marble Gingercello Reserve is one of four spirits currently produced at the Marble Distilling Co.  A whiskey and bourbon are currently aging and will be available soon.  The distillery is a family and friends owned business that includes a tasting room that features a marble bar, cut from two 9000 lb. blocks mined from the Yule quarry in nearby Marble Colorado.  The bar back is made from bricks, from the historic stable originally built on this land.  The distillery also has the worlds only inn housed within a working distillery.  With a background in the pharmaceutical business, co-founder and head distiller Connie Baker attending distillery school at The Dry Fly Institute in Spokane Washington.  Yes she transitioned from drugs to liquor.  What’s next firearms?  After graduating January 2011, she worked with her husband Carey to build the worlds only zero waste artisan distillery, on land she and friend Michelle Marlow had purchased as a long term investment.  The distillery opened June 2015.  The equipment used to craft their spirits is 100% American made.  Marble Gingercello Reserve is made from a 60% ABV corn distillate.  This spirit is redistilling in a 250 gallon Vendome copper pot still with vapor transferring through a botanical basket filled with fresh cut Brazilian ginger.  There is macerated ginger in the belly of the still as well.  The now 80% ABV ginger infused vodka rests for several weeks with lemons zested by hand.  A light simple syrup made from beet sugar grown in Wyoming is blended with the ginger lemon vodka.  The spirit is then rested in bourbon barrels once used to age Colorado Straight Bourbon at the Peach Street Distillers in nearby Palisade Colorado. Read more »