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Posts from the ‘Lime Rum’ Category


Review: Malibu Lime Rum

Malibu Lime Rum was just released.  This is not the first time Malibu has created a lime flavored rum.  A previous Malibu Lime was produced until 2003.  This is one of 15 rum varieties Malibu currently produces.  With lime being such a popular flavor to mix with rum, I’m a little surprised Malibu went 15 years without having a lime flavored rum.  But checking Bacardi Rums flavor lineup they don’t a lime flavored rum either.  The rum base for Malibu is made from molasses created from the finest sugar cane crops and pure water.  After fermenting with a proprietary yeast the spirit is distilled 3 times at the West Indies Distillery in Barbados.  The rum is barreled and shipped to Canada where lime liqueur is infused with the rum before bottling at 42 proof. Read more »


Review: Blue Chair Bay Key Lime Rum Cream

Blue Chair Bay Key Lime Rum Cream was recently released.  I have been checking liquor stores shelves for weeks since I first heard of it’s existence.  It is one of eight rum varieties Kenny Chesney has in his Blue Chair Bay product line.  I have enjoyed all of them so far.  Key Lime Rum Cream starts with a white rum base, distilled and aged in oak barrels at the West Indies Rum distillery in Barbados.  The rum is shipped to Rochester New York where real cream, key lime, and other natural flavors are blended before bottling at 30 proof. Read more »


Review: Calico Jack Key Lime Rum

Calico Jack Key Lime PieCalico Jack Key Lime rum is one of nine flavored rums Beam Suntory creates under the Calico Jack label.  White Rock Distillery launched this line of rum and originally sold it without the Calico name.  This line of rum was sold with the flavor ahead of the Jack name.  Examples include Coconut Jack, and Mango Jack.  In 1993 White Rock sold Calico Rum and Pinnacle Vodka to Beam.  Calico Jack Key Lime is made with rum distilled in St. Croix at the same distillery where Cruzan rum is crafted.  Natural key lime flavor is added in Frankfort Kentucky where it is bottled at 46 proof. Read more »


Review: Brinley Gold Lime Rum

Brinley Lime Rum - CopyBrinley Gold Lime rum is one of six flavored rums made in St Kitts, the smallest country in the Western Hemisphere, by the Brinley family.  They have been crafting rum since 2002.  The rum is column distilled and aged for four years in oak bourbon barrels.  It is then infused with natural Tahitian lime juice before being bottled at 72 proof.  While I still find Brinley Gold Lime rum on the occasional liquor store shelf, it no longer appears on the Brinley web site, so availability is limited. Read more »


Review: Captain Morgan Parrot Bay Key Lime Rum

Parrot Bay Key Lime rum - CopyCaptain Morgan Parrot Bay Key Lime rum was introduced in 2008.  It is one of seven rum flavors they create with white rum from St. Croix.  Natural Key Lime flavor is added before bottling at 21% alcohol.  Key Limes are smaller in size and more tart than the Persian Limes you typically find in your grocers produce department. Read more »


Review: Cruzan Key Lime Rum

cruzan key lime - CopyCruzan Key Lime rum was introduced in 2013 with their Passion Fruit rum.  It is one of 13 flavors now made in St Croix with tropical rainwater, and high quality molasses using a five column distillation process.  By removing most of the fusel oils before adding natural key lime flavor Cruzan creates a cleaner tasting rum. Read more »