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Review: Forbidden Secret Pumpkin Spice American Cream

Forbidden Secret Pumpkin Spice - 2Forbidden Secret Pumpkin Spice American Cream will be introduced in October.  I was able to get my hands on a bottle a little early.  This is their third American Cream flavor.  The other two flavors include the previously reviewed Forbidden Secret Dark Mocha, and their White Chocolate American Cream.  Pumpkin Spice is crafted with pure Wisconsin dairy cream, rich pumpkin spice, and Jailers Premium Tennessee Whiskey.  If the bottle shape looks familiar you may be a fan of Avion Tequila.  If this tastes as good as it sounds, the easy grip design will make it easier to drink straight from of the bottle.  Read more »


Review: Forbidden Secret White Chocolate American Cream

Forbidden Secret White chocolate cream - CopyForbidden Secret White Chocolate American Cream was just introduced by Forbidden Brands of Pewaukee Wisconsin.  It is produced at the same distillery that creates Rum Chata, and the Tippy Cow line of rum creams.  I guess if one state should know something about cream it would be the dairy state, Wisconsin.  This is the follow up to their Dark Mocha American Cream that was previously reviewed.  It is made with chocolate, pure Wisconsin dairy cream, and Jailers Premium Tennessee Whiskey. Read more »


Review: Forbidden Secret Dark Mocha American Cream

Forbidden secret american cream - CopyForbidden Secret Dark Mocha American Cream was launched January 2012 by the Tennessee Spirits Company.  It is one of three products they contract produced in Pewaukee Wisconsin at Midwest Custom Bottling.  The original plan was to move production in house once their distillery in Pulaski Tennessee, near the Alabama border was built.  The other spirits include Jailers Premium Tennessee Whiskey, and Breakout Premium 8 year old American Rye Whiskey.  By the end of 2013 The Tennessee Spirit Company discontinued production and with it their plans to open the new distillery.  Forbidden Secret Dark Mocha is made with Jailers Premium Tennessee Whiskey, pure Wisconsin dairy cream, dark chocolate, and espresso coffee and it is bottled at 30 proof.  While no information is provided as to the current owners of the Forbidden Secret brand, this is the same distillery that produces Rum Chata. Read more »