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Review: Crown Royal Salted Caramel Whisky

Crown Royal Salted Caramel Whisky was just released.  The felt bag included is pumpkin orange.  It is a Limited Edition seasonal variety, and one of four flavored whiskies Crown currently produces.  The other flavors include Crown Royal Apple, Vanilla, and Maple.  They recently retired Crown Royal Honey.  Each flavor starts with the signature Crown Royal base that was first created in 1939 as a gift for the King and Queen of England when they became the first reigning Monarchs to visit Canada.  Pure water sourced from Lake Winnipeg naturally filtered through the limestone beneath and a grain blend of rye, corn, and barley are used to create Crown Royal.  Roughly 80% of the grain used is sourced from Manitoba and surrounding Provinces.  Twelve distillation columns produce the fifty whiskies that comprise the Crown Royal signature blend.  This is the result of 5 different recipes aged for varying periods of time in either new or re-use charred oak barrels.  Once the whiskies have been aged to the blenders satisfaction, they are meticulously blended.  Natural flavors are infused before bottling at 70 proof. Read more »


Review: Crown Royal Vanilla

Crown Royal Vanilla - CopyCrown Royal Vanilla Whisky was just released.  It is their fourth flavor infused whisky and comes just 3 months after the launch of Crown Royal Honey.  Wouldn’t it be great if we could count on a new Crown Royal flavor every quarter?  Crown Royal Vanilla is crafted with corn, rye, and barley with pure water naturally filtered through limestone.  After distilling, the whisky is aged in oak barrels and then infused with the rich flavor of Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla.  The trademark velvet bag included in the box is not white like the Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla flower or the ice cream flavor, but rather brown like the bean itself. Read more »


Review: Crown Royal Honey Whisky

Crown Royal Honey Whisky - CopyCrown Royal Honey Whisky was just released.  It is their third flavor infused whisky.  The others include Maple and Regal Apple.  Crown Royal Regal Apple is in my opinion the best tasting flavored whisky on the market today.  When I posted my review of Regal Apple October 2014 I correctly predicted Crown’s next flavor might be Honey.  In fairness I thought it might be Honey, Cinnamon, or Cherry.  Each of these flavors would have been safe picks since there are several already produced.  For 2017 I’m challenging Crown to create a Summer Seasonal flavor, possibly Coconut, or Pineapple.  Crown Royal Honey starts with pure water naturally filtered through limestone, corn, rye, and barley.  After distilling the whisky is aged in oak barrels and then hand selected before natural flavors are infused.  In case you are wondering the bag is golden yellow. Read more »


Review: Crown Royal Maple Finished Whisky

crown royal maple - CopyCrown Royal Maple Finished whisky was introduced November 2012.  It was their first flavored whisky.  They start with Crown Royal Deluxe which was originally created in 1939 to commemorate a grand tour of Canada made by King George VI and Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain.  This whisky is a blend of 50 distinct full bodied whiskies matured in white oak barrels.  It is then run through maple toasted oak to create their Maple Finish whisky. Read more »


Review: Crown Royal Regal Apple

crown royal regal apple - CopyCrown Royal Regal Apple Whisky was just introduced.  It is the second flavor infused whisky Crown has created.  Their Maple flavor was released two years ago and it is the best selling maple flavored whiskey.  With new flavored whiskeys coming out quicker than flavored vodka’s, one can only guess what’s next, Crown Cinnamon?  Honey?  or maybe Cherry?  Royal Regal Apple is made with hand selected Crown Royal whiskies and infused with Regal Gala Apples and natural flavors.  It is bottled in Canada and placed in a green velvet bag.  Gala apples are the second most popular apple sold in the US.  It was first breed in New Zealand as a cross between a Golden Delicious and a Kidd’s Orange and Red apple in 1934. Read more »