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Posts from the ‘Coffee Tequila’ Category


Review: Avion Espresso

Avion Espresso - CopyAvion Espresso is made in Mexico with Avion Silver tequila and real Italian espresso.  It is packaged in a brown glass version of their traditional easy grip bottle at 35% alcohol.  Launched in March of 2013 it joins their full line of tequila.  Avion Tequila was introduced in July 2010 and they received a million dollars of free publicity as it was featured on the hit show Entourage.  Cool show = Cool product.  Today Avion tequila finds itself next to Patron on the top shelf in all the right places.  With Avion Espresso they hope for the same fate. Read more »


Review: Cabo Wabo Diablo

Cabo Wabo DiabloCabo Wabo Diablo was introduced in September 2013 in select markets.  It is made is Mexico at 35% alcohol with the highest quality Arabica beans and Cabo Wabo Blanco tequila.  Cabo Wabo tequila was born in 1996 as Sammy Hagar was searching for a tequila exceptional enough to serve inside his cantina in Cabo San Lucas.  Instead he decided to create his own.  Cabo Wabo Diablo is bottled in the same trademark bottle as their tequila and features a color changing label with a devilish surprise appearing only when the bottle is chilled. Read more »


Review: Patron XO Cafe

Patron XO Cafe - CopyPatron XO Café is a premium coffee liqueur made in Mexico with Patron Silver tequila and the pure natural essence of fine coffee.  In 1989 John Paul Dejoria introduced the world to Patron tequila and while he may not have created the first premium tequila brand, he certainly is responsible for developing the premium tequila brand category.  20 years later in 2009 Patron XO Café was successfully introduced.  Produced at 35% alcohol and bottled in their trademark square rounded bottle with a cork top, it is stronger than the traditional rum based coffee liqueurs, which weigh in at 20% alcohol .  With the recent release of Avion Espresso, and Cabo Wabo Diablo they now have company in the tequila based coffee liqueur category.  In the next few days we will review all three. Read more »