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Posts from the ‘Candy Vodka’ Category


Review: Pinnacle County Fair Cotton Vodka

Pinnacle County Fair Cotton - CopyPinnacle County Fair Cotton vodka was introduced in 2010 with their Whipped flavor.  The original name was Cotton Candy but it was rebranded to County Fair Cotton in 2013 when they also rebranded Gummy to Red Licorice.  It is made with vodka imported from France and all natural flavor. Read more »


Review: UV Candy Bar Vodka

UV Candy Bar - CopyUV Candy Bar vodka was introduced in February of 2013 by Phillips Distilling in Minnesota.  One of 20 flavors now available from UV they describe the flavor as a chocolate caramel candy bar without the bar.  It is made with their corn based vodka distilled four times and filtered with activated carbon and bottled at 30% alcohol using natural flavors. Read more »


Review: Pinnacle Red Licorice Vodka

Pinnacle Red Licorice - CopyPinnacle Red Licorice vodka was introduced in 2013.  If you are a fan of their Gummy vodka you will be happy to learn this is the same flavor with the rebranded Red Licorice name.  Maybe Pinnacle ran out of flavor ideas before they ran out of names, or maybe they just wanted to introduce the first red licorice flavored vodka.  With Gummy they were the second Swedish fish flavored vodka following Hard Candy’s Red Fish vodka, which is still available.  This is made with all natural flavors. Read more »


Review: Three Olives Tartz Vodka

Three Olives TartzThree Olives Tartz flavored vodka was introduced in 2013 and as the name implies it is their vodka tribute to Sweet Tart candies.  It is made with vodka distilled in England with winter wheat and water from Lake Vyrnmy in Wales.  It is Quadruple distilled and triple filtered through charcoal before it is flavored in Indiana and bottled at 70 proof in a rainbow stripped bottle.  I can only guess this product features several flavors of the hockey puck shaped confection. Read more »