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Review: Not Your Fathers Bourbon

Not Your Fathers Bourbon is the first in a new line of spirits made by Small Town Craft Spirits in Monroe Wisconsin.  This is Pabst Brewing Companies first foray in the spirits business.  Constellations Brands, AB-Inbev, and Rogue Ales and Spirits have already produced both brewed and distilled products.  Not Your Fathers Bourbon is distilled at the Minhas Distillery in Monroe Wisconsin.  Madagascar vanilla and natural flavors are blended before bottling at 86 proof.  Tim Kovacs the founder of Small Town Brewery, the company behind Not Your Fathers Root Beer was not involved in the creation on this bourbon.  Not Your Fathers Bourbon is currently available in Illinois and Wisconsin.  National distribution will follow this spring. Read more »


Review: Trails End Bourbon

Trails End Bourbon is an ultra premium Kentucky straight bourbon aged for 8 years.  The bourbon travels to Hood River Distillers in Hood River Oregon, where it is steeped with Oregon oak staves in stainless steel vats.  Pure glacier fed spring water from Mt. Hood is blended to reduce to 90 proof.  Hood River Distillers produces several brands including  Pendleton Whisky, 44 North Vodka and Lucid Absinthe.  Trails End is named for the final destination of the famous Oregon Trail which is located near Hood River Distillers.  In 1803 President Thomas Jefferson commissioned Meriwether Lewis and William Clark to map a path from the Missouri River in Missouri to Oregon.  The two traveled to Oregon and back between 1804-1806 mapping the return journey which they found more direct.    Read more »