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Review: Blue Ice Island Coconut Vodka

Blue Ice Island Coconut vodkaBlue Ice Island Coconut vodka is one of four flavored vodka’s they currently offer in limited markets.  The other flavors include Blue Raspberry, Crème Brule, and Sweet Peach.  Blue Ice also crafts three unflavored vodka’s.  Those include an American Potato, Organic Wheat, and their G Multi-Grain.  Island Coconut starts with their G Multi-Grain vodka as a base.  It is made with premium hand selected American grains and it is distilled five times before natural coconut flavor is infused. Read more »


Review: Blue Ice Creme Brulee Vodka

Blue ice creme bruleBlue Ice Crème Brulee vodka was introduced April 2014.  It is one of four vodka flavors created by LA based 21st Century Spirits at Distilled Resources in Rigby Idaho.  The other flavors include, Blue Raspberry, Island Coconut, and Sweet Peach.  This vodka is made with pristine Idaho mountain spring water and wheat neutral spirits.  A four column fractional distillation process is used, followed by a five step filtration process.  It is filtered through charcoal, a filter press, travertine, garnet and crystal and finally a submicron filter.  Natural flavors are added before bottling at 60 proof.  Crème Brulee is French for burnt crème, and for those unfamiliar with the popular dessert, it is made with eggs, sugar, vanilla, and heavy cream. Read more »