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Review: Skyy Infusions California Apricot Vodka

Skyy Infusions California Apricot Vodka was released in March.  It is finally arriving on store shelves in the Midwest.  With 94% of the apricots grown in the USA coming from California, it’s no surprise the apricots used to produce this vodka are grown there.  This is Skyy’s 18th flavored vodka in their Infusions product line.  Several years ago I was asked to predict the next three new flavors of vodka.  The three I selected were Apricot, Cantaloupe, and Banana Cream Pie.  This was at the height of the popularity of Pinnacle Whipped Vodka.  Since then Grey Goose introduced Le Melon, their Cavaillon melon flavored vodka.  In February 2016 Belvedere launched Peach Nectar Vodka, a vodka infused with American Peaches and Polish Apricots.  This was followed by Western Son Apricot and Seagrams Apricot Vodka.  I’m still waiting on that Banana Cream Pie flavored vodka, and I’m a little surprised no one has released a Celery flavored vodka.  Skyy Apricot starts with a vodka base made from Midwestern grown wheat that is quadruple distilled in Pekin Illinois.  Upon arriving in San Jose California the vodka is blended with water filtered through reverse osmosis.  The vodka is then triple filtered through California limestone.  The vodka is infused with California grown apricot and other natural flavors before bottling at 70 proof.  Read more »


Review: Western Son Hill Country Apricot Vodka

Western Son Hill Country Apricot Vodka is one of six handcrafted flavor infused vodka’s made at a former panty factory in Pilot Point Texas.  The other flavors include Hill Country Peach, Ruby Red Grapefruit, Piney Woods Blueberry, South Texas Prickly Pear, and South Plains Cucumber.  They also produce Red River Whiskey, Bravos Gin and Blue Lacy Texas Whiskey.  Hill Country Apricot starts with their 10X Distilled Texas Vodka base that is made from yellow corn and water filtered through reverse osmosis.  The vodka is distilled 10 times through a 20 foot column still and quadruple filtered.  Natural apricot essence from apricots grown in the Hill Country of Texas are infused before bottling at 60 proof. Read more »