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Review: Tru Organic Vodka

Tru Organic Vodka is crafted from organic wheat, distilled with a state of the art column still, and gently charcoal filtered.  Pure water filtered through reverse osmosis is blended to reduce to proof.  The Greenbar Distillery was one of the countries first legal distilleries since the repeal of Prohibition when they opened in Monrovia California in 2004.  The distillery relocated to the LA Art District in 2012, and was the first legal distillery to open in Los Angeles.  This version of Tru Vodka is no longer produced, but you may still find a bottle at your local liquor stores.  The husband and wife team of Melkon Khosrovian and Litty Matthew recently changed the formula and the packaging of this vodka.  I will be posting my review of their new Greenbar Tru Vodka tomorrow. Read more »