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Posts from the ‘Watermelon Beer’ Category


Review: Lost Coast Watermelon Wheat Ale

Lost Coast Watermelon Wheat Ale is one of 11 year round and seasonal beers currently crafted in Eureka California at the Lost Coast Brewery.  The Lost Coast Brewery was founded by Barbara Groom in 1990, and was first produced in a 100 year old building purchased from the Fraternal Order of the Knights of Pythias in downtown Eureka.  Their beers are now brewed in a state of the art brewery they opened August 20, 2014 just south of Eureka.  No longer a small brewer, this facility bottles up to 135,000 bottles and 1000 kegs each day.  Lost Coast Watermelon Wheat is an unfiltered wheat beer brewed with wheat and crystal malts with natural watermelon essence. Read more »


Review: Phoenix Ale Watermelon Ale

Phoenix Ale Watermelon Ale is one of six beers crafted at the Phoenix Ale Brewery.  George Hancock and Greg Fretz opened the brewery in an old empty warehouse just north of Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix Arizona June 2011.  Phoenix Ale Watermelon Ale, is an unfiltered wheat ale infused with watermelon flavors added during conditioning in order to give a refreshing watermelon finish.  It is sold in 6 packs of cans and bottles, and is also available on draft. Read more »


Review: New Belgium Juicy Watermelon

New Belgium Juicy Watermelon is a special release watermelon lime ale that was recently introduced.  It replaces Heavy Melon, last years seasonal watermelon flavored ale.  While both are made with watermelon and lime zest, they are made with a different recipe.  Last summer was the breakthrough year for watermelon ale as so many brewers released their own watermelon ale, it became the Spring/Summer version on Pumpkin Ale.  New Belgium is crafted with ale yeast, nugget hops, pale and caramel-80 malts, watermelon, and lime peel. Read more »


Review: Leinenkugels Watermelon Shandy

Leinenkugels Watermelon Shandy was introduced in 2016.  It is one of four shandy flavors they currently produce in Chippewa Falls and Milwaukee Wisconsin.  The other flavors include their original lemon flavored Summer Shandy, Grapefruit Shandy, and Harvest Patch a pumpkin spice shandy.  At one time they also produced an Orange and a Cranberry Ginger Shandy.  Like their other shandy flavors, Watermelon starts with a Weiss beer base brewed with honey and made with Pale and Wheat malts and Cluster Hops.  Natural watermelon and other flavors are added.  Leinenkugels Watermelon Shandy is available from March-August, or while supply lasts. Read more »


Review: New Belgium Heavy Melon

new-belgium-heavy-melon-copyNew Belgium Heavy Melon Ale was introduced April 2016 along with their Juicy Mandarina IPA.  Heavy Melon is one of two seasonal beers brewed by New Belgium.  Pumpkick is their other seasonal beer.  New Belgium started brewing beer in Ft Collins Colorado in 1991 and in 2015 they opened a second brewery in Asheville North Carolina.  Probably best known for their Fat Tire Amber Ale, New Belgium crafts beers of nearly every style including several IPA’s and Sours.  Heavy Melon is brewed with juicy watermelon and zesty lime peel.  The lime peel is added in the boil to extract the essential oils.  The watermelon is added in fermentation to capture the flavor and ferment the sugar. Read more »