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Review: Kanon Organic Vodka

Kanon Organic Vodka is distilled once from locally grown organic wheat.  Each batch is divided into three parts, the head, the heart, and the tail.  Only the heart which is pure ethanol is kept.  The heads and tails are recycled into biogas for local buses.  Pristine spring water is blended before bottling at the Gripsholm Distillery in Akers Styckebruk Sweden.  In 1580 King Karl IV of Sweden built the Akers Styckbruk Foundary to produce cannons for the Swedish Army and the distillery to make vodka for its workers.  By 1775 King Gustaf III had monopolized alcohol production to fund his many wars.  Unable to pay his debt, he made Gripsholm a Royal Distillery.  It soon became the largest distillery in Sweden producing over 1 million liters of vodka a year.  King Gustaf was shot and his successor outlawed the private production of spirits.  The distillery remained closed for over 200 years.  Kanon owner Peter Hjelm began construction of the new distillery in 2008 and shipped his first case of Kanon Organic Vodka to New York in 2010. Read more »


Review: Earth Vodka

Earth vodka is made from corn and is distilled 6 times before it is bottled at the Levecke Distillery in Mira Loma California.  Levecke is a Private label producer of dozens spirits.  Earth Vodka is a bargain priced vodka.  I picked up my 750ml bottle for $7.99 at Hi-Time Wine Cellars in Costa Mesa California.  The bottles label made from recycled paper describes Earth Vodka as a Premium Gluten Free California Vodka.       Read more »


Review: Leopolds Silver Tree American Small Batch Vodka

Leopolds Silver Tree American Small Batch Vodka was introduced in 2001.  It is crafted at Leopold Bros. Distillery in Denver Colorado.  Founders Todd and Scott Leopold started brewing beer and now they craft distill Gins, Whiskies, Liqueurs, Aperitivo, Absinthe, and Amaro.  They malt their own barley and mill their grains.  Silver Tree Vodka is made from a unique blend of potatoes, malted barley, and summer wheat.  Seven separate small batch distillations through a 40 gallon copper Vendome Pot Still, finishing through a column still follow.  The vodka is lightly filtered before it is hand bottled and labeled with the batch number hand printed on each bottle.  Read more »


Review: St Augustine Florida Cane Vodka

St Augustine Florida Cane Vodka is made at the St Augustine Distillery located in the historic FP&L Ice Plant, built as part of St Augustine Florida’s first Power and Ice complex in 1907.  This plant was the first to make commercial block ice in Florida.  This distillery also crafts Bourbon, Gin, and Rum.  Their Florida Cane Vodka was introduced in 2014 and is made from 100% Florida farmed sugar cane.  The cane neutral spirit is re-distilled in a copper pot still.  The distiller makes cuts by hand ensuring only the best quality spirit goes into each bottle.   Read more »


Review: Koval Vodka

Koval Vodka is a true grain to bottle vodka made from 100% Non GMO Organic rye grown by contracted local farmers.  The rye is milled onsite.  The water is sourced from Lake Michigan using a natural charcoal purification method.  Koval translates to blacksmith but also refers to new ventures, and to forge in new directions.  The Koval Distillery was the first legal distillery in Chicago since Prohibition.  It was established in 2008 by Robert and Sonat Birnecker.  Koval Vodka is twice distilled in a custom built pot still handcrafted in Germany by Kothe Destillationstechnik.  The final product is bottled on site. Read more »


Review: Vanjak Vodka

Vanjak Vodka is the culmination of one families vision to create a premium Colorado vodka on a par with International brands.  Vanjak gets its name from combining family members first names.  Those names are Van, Jory, Anna, and Kim.  It is made from corn and fresh spring water from Eldorado Canyon in Boulder Colorado.   Vanjac Vodka is small batch distilled six times at the foot of the Rocky Mountains.  A silver filtration process follows before bottling at 80 proof. Read more »


Review: Platinum 7X Vodka

Platinum 7X Vodka was introduced in 1996.  It is made from high quality American corn at Buffalo Trace Distillery.  This is the same distillery that crafts Buffalo Trace, Eagle Rare, Van Winkle, and Blanton’s Bourbon.  Wheatley, Rain, and Clix Vodka are also produced here.  Platinum 7X Vodka is distilled seven times.  The first four distillations are in a column still.  The final three are in a traditional pot still.  Pure limestone filtered water is blended to reduce to 80 proof. Read more »


Review: Fair Quinoa Vodka

Fair Quinoa Vodka was launched in 2010 by company founder Alexandre Koiransky.  The Fair Spirits Company also crafts a rum, gin, and several liqueurs.  Fair Quinoa Vodka is the result of a two year joint research project between French Distillers and Andean farmers.  Fair Quinoa Vodka is made from grain and organic quinoa grown at over 3000 meters above sea level in fertile volcanic soil in the Altiplano plateau of Bolivia.  The Fair Spirits Company respect about 200 rules to make sure they pay farmers a fair price for their quinoa.  The quinoa is shipped to the Cognac Region of France where Master Distiller Philip Laclie crafts this vodka.        Read more »


Review: Blu Frog Vodka

Blu Frog Vodka was launched in 2016 by co-founders Patrick Rochette and Romy Petit.  It is made from a high quality non GMO corn base and pure Canadian spring water sourced from Quebec.  It is cold distilled five times and micro filtered 5 times at the Embouteillage Solar Distillery in Terrebonne Quebec.  Every bottle of Blu Frog Vodka is verified and submitted to several quality measures before being bottled. Read more »


Review: London Vodka

London Vodka is made at the London Alcohol Company, by one of London’ oldest distilling family’s.  It is said to be made in accordance to a recipe developed in 1910 by London Chemist Mr. Leslie Matthews.  English Ambassador to Russia, Sir George William Buchanan commissioned this vodka out of a need to produce a vodka to entertain Russian Diplomats when they visited London.  It is made from the finest winter wheat harvested exclusively in the fields of Norfolk, Suffolk, and Cambridgeshire Counties, and the purest water sourced from the Elsenham Well.  No distilling or filtering information is available, but the Union Jack painted label will make this bottle easy to find in liquor stores.        Read more »