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Review: St George All Purpose Vodka

St George All Purpose Vodka is one of three vodkas introduced by the St George Distillery in March 2016.  The other flavors include California Citrus and Green Chili.  The St George Distillery is best known for creating Hangar One Vodka.  After selling H-1 to Proximo, and waiting out a non compete agreement, distillers Lance Winter and Dave Smith crafted their latest take on vodka.  All Purpose Vodka is based on the pear brandy Jorg Rupf launched the company with in 1982.  The Pear Brandy is distilled from Bartlett pears to 95.1 ABV.  The resulting distillate is blended with a non-gmo base spirit made from American grain.  The vodka is then filtered before bottling at 80 proof.    Read more »


Review: St George California Citrus Vodka

St George california citrus - CopySt George California Citrus vodka was just introduced along with their All Purpose, and Green Chili flavored vodka.  If the St. George name sounds familiar it is the same distillery that combined with Ansley Coale, the President of Germain-Robin, now Craft Distillers, to create Hangar One vodka in 2001.  Hangar One was sold to Proximo April 2010, but they continued to craft the vodka at their distillery in Alameda California until the summer of 2014.  Now after their four year non compete is over, St George is back in the vodka crafting business.  Their California Citrus is made with Valencia Oranges, Seville Oranges, and Bergamot Oranges grown on the Lindcove family ranch in the San Joaquin Valley of California.  Bergamot Oranges are native to Southern Italy where over 80% are grown.  The Valencia, and Seville Oranges, and the peel from the Bergamot oranges are each infused separately with a non GMO base spirit.  Each is then distilled separately and then blended together.  After filtering it is bottled at 80 proof. Read more »