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Review: Skyy Barcraft White Sangria Vodka

Skyy Barcraft White Sangria - CopySkyy Barcraft White Sangria vodka is one of three new vodka’s just released by Skyy under their new Barcraft label.  The other two flavors are Margarita Lime, and Watermelon Fresca.  Depending on the market you live in this is either the first or second Sangria flavored vodka.  UV also just released a Sangria flavored vodka.  It is safe to say it is the first White Sangria flavored vodka.  The Barcraft line of vodka’s are designed to be mixed with a single ingredient to create bar quality cocktails at home. It is made with grain distilled in four column stills in Pekin Illinois and triple filtered through California limestone.  It is blended with water filtered through reverse osmosis in San Jose California before natural flavors are added. Read more »


Review: UV Sangria Vodka

UV Sangria Vodka - CopyUV Sangria vodka was just introduced, and it answers the question, what do you do when you run out of vodka flavors?  You make a vodka that tastes like wine with fruit flavors added.  It is one of 22 vodka varieties UV creates with Midwest grown yellow corn and purified water from deep aquifers in Princeton Minnesota.  It is distilled four times and then filtered with activated carbon.  Natural flavors are blended before bottling at 60 proof. Read more »