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Review: Redds Peach Ale

Redds Peach Ale was released in March.  It is one of two Limited Pick Special Releases Miller-Coors has planned for 2017.  They join Redd’s three year round flavors, Blueberry Ale, Rapsberry Ale, and their original Redds Apple Ale.  Redds Peach Ale is available in 6 packs of 12 ounce bottles, 16 ounce cans, and the Redds 12 pack variety pack.  Miller-Coors also produces the higher octane 8% Redds Wicked Ale.  Combined these two Redds brands have produced 14 flavors.  Redds promises a new Wicked Ale sometime this summer. Read more »


Review: Redds Raspberry Ale

Redds Raspberry Ale was released March 2017.  It is one of four ales currently featured on the Redds Apple Ale home page.  I believe this is a year round flavor but Redds has had flavors come and go since the brand was launched in 2013.  This division of Miller-Coors also makes several 8% alcohol flavored ales under the Redds Wicked Ale label.  Raspberry is the 13th Redds variety I’ve sampled so far, and I will be posting my 14th Redds review later this weekend. Like all of their previously reviewed varieties, Redds Raspberry is brewed as a beer.  Caramel color and natural flavors are then added.   Read more »


Review: Redds Wicked Strawberry Kiwi

Redds Wicked Strawberry Kiwi was released in March.  This limited release ale is available in 16 and 24 ounce individually sold cans, and 12 packs of 10 ounce cans.  This division of Miller-Coors produces two lines of flavored ales.  Their Redds line is brewed at 5% alcohol, while the Redds Wicked line is produced at 8% alcohol.  Each is brewed as a beer with caramel color and natural flavors added.  Kiwi is native to China where it was called a Chinese Gooseberry.  In the early 20th century they where commercially planted in New Zealand.  They became popular with American servicemen in World War 2, and by 1962 New Zealand growers began calling them Kiwi fruit to give it more market appeal. Read more »


Review: Redds Ginger Apple Ale

redds-ginger-apple-aleRedds Ginger Apple Ale is one of three limited pick, seasonal release ales.  The others include a Cranberry and a Blueberry Ale.  Redds Ginger Apple Ale was released in September.  Redd’s also makes three year round flavors, Apple, Green Apple, and Strawberry.  They also produce the 8% alcohol, Redd’s Wicked Ale.  Redds Ginger Apple Ale is brewed as an ale.  Natural flavors and caramel color is added before bottling at 5% alcohol.  Read more »


Review: Redds Wicked Blood Orange

redds-wicked-blood-orange-image-copyRedds Wicked Blood Orange Ale was recently introduced.  This limited, fall seasonal malt beverage weighs in at 8% alcohol, and joins Redds three year round Wicked flavors which include Black Cherry, Apple, and Mango.  Redds promises future seasonal flavors.  Miller-Coors first launched Redds Apple Ale September 2012.  After adding several flavors to the Redds product line, all canned at 5% alcohol, they doubled down with their Wicked line of 8% ales August 2014, with the release of Redds Wicked Apple Ale.  Blood Orange is available in 12 packs of 10 ounce cans, and also 24 oz. and 16 oz. individual cans.  Redds Wicked Blood Orange is brewed as a beer.  Caramel color and natural flavors added. Read more »


Review: Redds Blueberry Ale

Redds Blueberry Ale will be introduced in April.  I was lucky enough to get my hands on a bottle a little early.  It is one of three apple ales in their Limited Pick series.  The first was Redds Cranberry Ale, released in February.  Redds Ginger Apple Ale arrives in September.  They currently also produce 3 year round flavors including Apple, Green Apple, and Strawberry.  Redds Wicked Ale is their line of higher alcohol, 8%, ales.  This line has three flavors including Apple, Mango, and Black Cherry.  Redds Blueberry is available in 6 packs of 12 oz. bottles, 16 oz. cans, and 4 bottles are included in their seasonal variety 12 pack. Read more »


Review: Redds Wicked Black Cherry Ale

Redds Wicked black cherry - CopyRedds Wicked Black Cherry Ale was recently released, joining the previously reviewed Wicked Mango and Wicked Apple Ale.  Redds, a Miller-Coors brand, also brews a lower alcohol Apple, Strawberry, and Green Apple ale.  Wicked Black Cherry is brewed in Albany Georgia with natural flavors then added before canning at 8% alcohol.  Redd’s currently sells this product in single 16 and 24 ounce cans and in 12 packs of 10 ounce cans and 4 packs of 16 ounce cans. Read more »


Review: Redds Wicked Mango Ale

Redds Wicked Mango - CopyRedds Wicked Mango Ale was just released along with a Green Apple Ale.  They join a lineup that already includes their Original Redds Apple Ale, Strawberry Ale, and their Wicked Apple Ale.  Redds also created a seasonal Cranberry Ale, and an Iced Tea flavor that no longer appears on their website.  It is brewed in Albany Georgia, with natural flavors then added before canning at 8% alcohol.  Redds currently sells this product in single 16 and 24 Oz. cans and a 12 pack of 10 Oz. cans. Read more »


Review: Redds Green Apple Ale

Redds green apple ale - CopyRedds Green Apple Ale was just released.  Since the original Redds Apple ale was launched nationally in 2013 they have added a Strawberry, Iced Tea, and Cranberry flavored ale.  For those looking for a little more giddy up, Redds also created the 8% Whicked Apple Ale.  Green Apple is brewed by Miller-Coors in Albany Georgia.  Natural flavors and caramel color is added. Read more »


Review: Redds Cranberry Ale

Redds cranberry ale - CopyRedds Cranberry Ale is a limited addition ale, available in variety 12 packs that include 4 bottles each of Apple, Strawberry, and Cranberry Ale.  It is brewed as an ale by Miller-Coors in Albany Georgia.  Natural apple and cranberry flavor is added before bottling at 5%. Read more »