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Posts from the ‘Passion Fruit Rum’ Category


Review: Don Q Pasion Rum

Don Q Passion - CopyDon Q Pasion rum is one of four rum flavors they craft in Puerto Rico.  The others include Coco, Mojito, and Limon.  They start with crushed sugar cane that is boiled in order to extract the crystallized sugar.  What remains is molasses that retains about 50% of the sugar from the cane juice.  Fresh water sourced from the Rio Inabon, which runs through Puerto Rico’s volcanic mountain region is added to the molasses along with a unique strain of yeast.  After fermentation it is distilled five times and then aged 1-1/2 years in American white oak barrels.  It is then charcoal filtered before natural passion fruit flavors are infused.  The finish product is bottled on site at the distillery at 60 proof. Read more »


Review: Cruzan Passion Fruit Rum

cruzan passion fruit rum - CopyCruzan Passion Fruit rum was introduced April 2013.  It is one of 15 rum flavors they create with rum distilled in St. Croix with tropical rain water and high quality molasses.  They use a five column distillation process and they remove the heads and fusel oils from each batch before aging in oak barrels.  The rum is shipped to Florida where natural passion fruit flavor is added before bottling at 42 proof. Read more »


Review: Malibu Passion Fruit Rum

Malibu Passion Fruit rum - CopyMalibu Passion Fruit rum was introduced April 2005.  It is one of 13 flavored rums made with triple distilled rum from the West Indies Distillery in Barbados.  Natural passion fruit flavor is added in Canada where it is bottled at 42 proof.  Passion fruit is native to Brazil and Argentina and is round to oval in shape with a deep purple color when ripe. Read more »