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Posts from the ‘Orange Cream Vodka’ Category


Review: Svedka Orange Cream Pop Vodka

Svedka Orange Cream Pop VodkaSvedka Orange Cream Pop is imported from Sweden and made with winter wheat, ice cold underground spring water and all natural flavors of zesty oranges with a swirl of vanilla and cream.  With 93% of their sales coming from unflavored vodka Svedka hopes to pump up their flavored line with exciting new flavors and new packaging featuring colorful wrap around labels and silver metallic caps.  Read more »


Review: Pinnacle Orange Whipped Vodka

Pinnacle Orange Whipped VodkaPinnacle Orange Whipped Vodka is made from French wheat and pure French spring water quadruple distilled then imported, flavored, and bottled at 35% alcohol in Frankfort Kentucky.  Read more »