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Review: Tap 357 Maple Rye Whisky

Tap 357 Maple Rye Whisky was introduced February 2012.  Tap 357 is named for the blend of 3, 5, and 7 year old rye whiskies and the natural Canadian maple tapped at the first hint of spring in Quebec, used in crafting it.  Each of the blended rye whiskies are produced in small batches in the oldest distillery in Western Canada.  The whisky is distilled four times before maturing in a combination of new, second and third use bourbon barrels.  Master Distiller Michel Marcil blends the whisky and then blends pure local grade 1 light Canadian maple syrup sourced from Quebec.  In a proprietary finishing process the maple flavored rye whisky is left to rest until the blend is ready for release.  As someone who has visited New England dozens of times and has several friends and business associates who don’t leave New England without a bottle of 100% maple syrup, I’m very familiar with how serious people in New England and Quebec take their maple syrup.  Harvesting maple, commonly called maple sugaring depends on weather conditions each year, but in Quebec it generally occurs between February and April.  Mild days with temperatures falling below freezing at night are ideal.     Read more »


Review: Maple Mist Canadian Whisky

maple mist - CopyMaple Mist Canadian whisky is one of four flavors they introduced in limited markets the summer of 2013.  Along with Peach, Maple is now available throughout the US.  Maple Mist starts with their Canadian Mist as a base.  Canadian Mist is crafted with a blend of grain and rye whiskey with a touch of sherry and pure water from the Georgian Bay of Canada.  It is triple distilled in six column copper stills and aged in used white oak barrels.  Proprietary Maple liqueur is then blended in before bottling at 70 proof in Collingwood Ontario. Read more »


Review: Jim Beam Maple Bourbon

Jim beam maple - CopyJim Beam Maple Bourbon was introduced September 2013.  While it was the first maple flavored bourbon, it was introduced after the successful launch of Crown Royal Maple Finished Whisky.  Jim Beam currently makes 6 flavored bourbons.  The three under the Red Stag line, Black Cherry, Spiced, and Hardcore Cider are designed to appeal to new bourbon drinkers looking for a new alcohol to drink flavored.  The other three include Maple, Honey, and Kentucky Fire, they are designed to appeal to their current base, looking for a little flavor to add to their favorite bourbon.  Jim Beam Maple is made with corn, rye, barley malt and water and it is aged for four years in oak barrels and infused with natural maple flavor before bottling at 70 proof. Read more »


Review: Crown Royal Maple Finished Whisky

crown royal maple - CopyCrown Royal Maple Finished whisky was introduced November 2012.  It was their first flavored whisky.  They start with Crown Royal Deluxe which was originally created in 1939 to commemorate a grand tour of Canada made by King George VI and Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain.  This whisky is a blend of 50 distinct full bodied whiskies matured in white oak barrels.  It is then run through maple toasted oak to create their Maple Finish whisky. Read more »


Review: Bird Dog Maple Whiskey

bird dog maple whiskey - CopyBird Dog Maple Whiskey is one of four flavored whiskeys that in addition to an unflavored whiskey are distilled by Western Spirits under the Bird Dog label.  They also recently introduced a peppermint moonshine.  It is made with corn, malted barley, and rye and it is aged in white oak barrels.  Natural maple flavor is infused before bottling in Bowling Green Kentucky at 80 proof. Read more »