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Review: Luxardo Limoncello

Luxardo Limoncello was first advertised in 1905.  A new formula with 25% more fresh lemon juice and essential oils from the peel of Sicilian lemons was released May 2010.  Luxardo currently produces several spirits including Maraschino Liqueur, Sambuca, Amaretto, and Grappa.  Girolamo Luxardo built the first Luxardo distillery in 1821 to produce Maraschino Liqueur.  Today the sixth generation of the family is still active in the company. Read more »


Review: Marble Gingercello Reserve

Marble Gingercello Reserve is one of four spirits currently produced at the Marble Distilling Co.  A whiskey and bourbon are currently aging and will be available soon.  The distillery is a family and friends owned business that includes a tasting room that features a marble bar, cut from two 9000 lb. blocks mined from the Yule quarry in nearby Marble Colorado.  The bar back is made from bricks, from the historic stable originally built on this land.  The distillery also has the worlds only inn housed within a working distillery.  With a background in the pharmaceutical business, co-founder and head distiller Connie Baker attending distillery school at The Dry Fly Institute in Spokane Washington.  Yes she transitioned from drugs to liquor.  What’s next firearms?  After graduating January 2011, she worked with her husband Carey to build the worlds only zero waste artisan distillery, on land she and friend Michelle Marlow had purchased as a long term investment.  The distillery opened June 2015.  The equipment used to craft their spirits is 100% American made.  Marble Gingercello Reserve is made from a 60% ABV corn distillate.  This spirit is redistilling in a 250 gallon Vendome copper pot still with vapor transferring through a botanical basket filled with fresh cut Brazilian ginger.  There is macerated ginger in the belly of the still as well.  The now 80% ABV ginger infused vodka rests for several weeks with lemons zested by hand.  A light simple syrup made from beet sugar grown in Wyoming is blended with the ginger lemon vodka.  The spirit is then rested in bourbon barrels once used to age Colorado Straight Bourbon at the Peach Street Distillers in nearby Palisade Colorado. Read more »


Review: Marble Gingercello

Marble Gingercello was introduced in 2015 along with Marble Vodka 80, and Moonlight EXpresso.  They have since added Gingercello Reserve, a barrel aged Gingercello.  Bourbon and whiskey are currently aging at the distillery, and will be released in 2017.  Each of these spirits is hand crafted at the Marble Distilling Company in Carbondale Colorado, about 30 minutes from Aspen.  The distillery takes its name from Marble Colorado.  The marble used to make the columns for the Lincoln Memorial, and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier comes from Marble Colorado.  In crafting Gingercello, Head Distiller Connie Baker starts with a 60% ABV corn distillate.  She redistills this in a 250 gallon Vendome Copper Pot still with vapor transferring through a botanical basket filled with fresh cut Brazilian ginger.  There is macerated ginger in the belly of the still as well.  The now 80 % ABV ginger infused vodka is left to rest for several weeks with lemons zested by hand to ensure only the sweetest part of the lemon is utilized.  A light simple syrup made from beet sugar grown in Wyoming, is blended with the ginger lemon vodka, before bottling at 70 proof. Read more »


Review: Landucci Limoncello

Landucci Limoncello - CopyLanducci Limoncello is made in Sorrento Italy from Ovale de Sorrento lemon peels and grain spirits.  It is imported by Distiller Sales in Princeton Minnesota and sold exclusively through Total Wine and More.  Little product information, and no website is available for this private label brand.  With dozens of brands of limoncello on the market, and over a dozen to choose from at Total Wine and More alone, Landucci Limoncello is the one their sales associate recommended.      Read more »


Review: Bellini Limoncello

Bellini Limoncello - CopyBellini Limoncello is made with Ovale di Sorrento lemons grown in Italy’s Amalfi coast, sugar, and grain spirits.  It is imported by Saranty Imports.  Very little additional information is available about this Limoncello. Read more »


Review: Villa Massa Limoncello

Villa Massa Limoncello - CopyVilla Massa Limoncello was introduced in 1991 by brothers Sergio and Stefano Massa.  Their Limoncello is made from an old family recipe using Sorrentine lemons grown exclusively within the Sorrentine Peninsula.  The lemons are peeled within 24 hours of harvesting.  The peel is macerated in alcohol for several days.  The infusion is filtered and then blended with purified water and sugar.  Villa Massa also creates an orange, mandarin, citrus fruit, and walnut liqueur.  They also make several cream liqueurs. Read more »


Review: Caravella Limoncello

Caravella Limoncello - CopyCaravella Limoncello was created by the Sperone Brothers using a family recipe dating back to 1898.  The peels from lemons grown on Italy’s Amalfi coast are soaked in a neutral grain spirit and then blended with juice from those lemons, and sugar, before bottling at 56 proof.  Caravella also crafts an Orangecello that is made with Sicilian orange peel neutral grain spirits and its juice. Read more »


Review: Pallini Limoncello

Pallini Limoncello - CopyPallini Limoncello was introduced in 1999.  It is currently the number one best selling super premium limoncello brand.  Pallini Limoncello is made with a recipe Virgilio Pallini perfected over 130 years ago.  Their limoncello is crafted using Sfusato lemons grown on the Amalfi coast of Italy.  The lemon peel is steeped in neutral alcohol with sugar added before bottling at 52 proof. Read more »


Review: Gioia Luisa Limoncello Creme

Giola Luisa Limoncello Creme - CopyGioia Luisa Limoncello Crème is made with lemons grown on their family orchard in the Sorrentine Peninsula of Italy.  Within seconds of the fruit being peeled the skins are immersed into tanks containing pure grain alcohol.  The infusion process takes four days.  Once complete water and sugar is blended in.  After multiple filtrations Holland cream is added before bottling at 34 proof. Read more »