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Review: Coney Island Hard Lemon Lime Twist

Coney Island Hard Lemon Lime Twist is one of four hard soda flavors this division of Boston Beer Company currently produces.  The other flavors include a Hard Root Beer, Cherry Cream Ale, and Orange Cream Ale.  At one time they also made a hard Ginger Ale.  I was sorry to see  Ginger Ale is no longer featured on the Coney Island website.  It scored very high and actually tasted like Ginger Ale, instead of Ginger Beer.  Coney Island is also rolling out a new look with their line of hard soda.  Gone is the old school bottle label design.  In it’s place is the bright colorful label shown here.  Hard Lemon Lime Twist is brewed as an ale with natural flavor and caramel color added. Read more »