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Posts from the ‘Chocolate Rum’ Category


Review: Toppers White Chocolate Raspberry Rhum

Toppers White Chocolate Raspberry Rhum is one of six handcrafted rhums produced on the island of St Maarten at the Toppers Distillery.  Rhum is the French spelling of rum.  The other Toppers rhums include Coconut, Spiced, Mocha Mama, Banana Vanilla Cinnamon, and Caribbean White.  These rhums are based on recipes Melanie Daboul has been perfecting since 1994.  Each Toppers Rhum is handmade with natural ingredients and hand bottled in St Maarten.   Read more »


Review: Selvarey Cacao Rum

Sevelrey Cacao Rum - CopySelvarey Cacao rum was introduced in 2014 along with a white rum.  It is co-owned by three brothers and Bruno Mars.  Selvarey is crafted with sugarcane grown in the small town of Pese Panama.  The sugar cane is pressed through rollers and boiled.  The raw sugar is removed creating a grade A molasses.  A natural yeast derived from pineapple is added.  A four column copper still built in 1922 is used before the rum is aged for five years in American White Oak barrels previously used to age bourbon.  Pure water and Panamanian cocoa is added before bottling at 70 proof. Read more »


Review: Calico Jack Chocolate Coconut Rum

calico jack chocolate coconut - CopyCalico Jack Chocolate Coconut rum is the newest of nine rum flavors they create with rum distilled at the Cruzan Rum Distillery in St. Croix.  Natural flavor is added in Frankfort Kentucky where it is bottled.  While Calico Jack recently stopped production of their Grape, Orange, and Banana flavors, they continue to innovate since Beam acquired them from White Rock Distilleries in April 2012.  This acquisition also netted them Pinnacle Vodka. Read more »


Review: Malibu Sundae Chocolate Ice Cream Rum

Malibu chocolate sundae rum - CopyMalibu Sundae Chocolate Ice Cream rum was introduced May 2013.  It is one of 14 flavors Malibu creates with rum from Barbados which is made with molasses from the finest sugar cane crops.  It is distilled three times and is blended with natural coconut liqueur and chocolate ice cream flavor before bottling at 21% alcohol.  Read more »


Review: Tippy Cow Chocolate Rum Cream

Tippy cow chocolate rum creamTippy Cow Chocolate Rum Cream is one of four Caribbean Rum creams that were introduced in February 2014.  It is made in Pewaukee Wisconsin by Midwest Custom Bottling with fresh Wisconsin dairy cream, Caribbean rum, and natural flavors.  Midwest is the group behind Rum Chata, so gaining shelf space in liquor stores shouldn’t be an issue.  From the chocolate milk flavor to the glass quart milk style bottle, Tippy Cow appears to be an Adult Chocolate Milk clone.  Their rum base and 14% alcohol content thou is quite different than the vodka base and 20% alcohol content Adult Chocolate Milk is created with. Read more »