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Posts from the ‘Cherry Rum’ Category


Review: Lola Belle Cherry Rum

lola-belle-cherry-rum-copyLola Belle Cherry Rum is named for a legendary burlesque dancer who adorned herself with cherries on stage.  It is made with Caribbean rum and infused with dark maraschino cherries.  Lola Belle Cherry Rum is a rum I have seen on many a liquor store shelf, but the $19.99 price and several options I felt at the time were better, prevented me from picking up a bottle.  I purchased this bottle for $12.99.  After finding the site no longer active, and Lola Belle no longer appearing on the Proximo webpage, I have concluded this rum is not longer produced.  I still see it on liquor store shelves and I picked up my bottle yesterday.  That said at some point supply will be limited. Read more »


Review: Kingston Black Cherry Spiced Rum

Kingston Black Cherry Spiced Rum - CopyKingston Black Cherry Spiced Rum is made with Caribbean rum, spices, other natural flavors and caramel color.  It is produced and bottled by The Prestige Wine and Spirits Group in Princeton Minnesota.  This group also creates the Ron Diaz line of rums.  Ron Diaz also has a Spiced Black Cherry Rum. Read more »


Review: Calico Jack Cherry Rum

calico jack cherry rum - CopyCalico Jack Cherry Rum is one of nine rum flavors Beam Suntory creates under the Calico Jack Label.  If you are unfamiliar with the Calico Rum brand, it was originally created by White Rock Distillers, who also built the Pinnacle line of vodka.  They are currently the fifth best selling brand of flavored rum.  They start with rum distilled at the Cruzan distillery in St. Croix.  Natural flavor is added in Frankfort Kentucky where it is bottled at 42 proof. Read more »


Review: Cruzan Black Cherry Rum

cruzan black cherry - CopyCruzan Black Cherry rum was introduced in 2007.  It is one of 15 rum flavors Cruzan creates with rum distilled in St. Croix with tropical rain water and high quality molasses.  They use a five column distillation process and they remove the heads and fusel oils before aging in oak barrels.  The rum is then shipped to the Florida Carabbean Distillers in Auburndale Florida where natural black cherry flavor is added before bottling at 55 proof. Read more »


Review: Malibu Cranberry Cherry Rum

Malibu cranberry cherry - CopyMalibu Cranberry Cherry rum was introduced May 2011,  It was the winner with 62% of the vote in a contest Malibu featured on their Facebook page allowing their fans to select their next rum flavor.  It beat out Citrus and a Mint flavor.  While you can still find Cranberry Cherry on some liquor store shelves you better act quick as it is no longer a featured flavor on the Malibu rum website.  In an interesting twist Malibu released Sunshine, a citrus flavored rum in 2012.  Malibu starts with molasses from the finest sugarcane and it is triple distilled at the West Indies Distillery in Barbados.  Natural flavors are added in Canada where it is bottled. Read more »