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Review: Heritage Blood Orange Vodka

heritage-blood-orange-vodka-copyHeritage Blood Orange Vodka is one of 23 naturally flavored vodkas crafted at their distillery in Gig Harbor Washington.  They also craft several gins, and whiskeys for a total of 40 different spirits in their product line.  The vodka base for Heritage Blood Orange Vodka is made from wine grapes and it is small batch distilled in an Italian made still named Nonna.  Natural flavors are then blended before bottling at 60 proof. Read more »


Review: Effen Blood Orange Vodka

Effen Blood Orange Vodka - CopyEffen Blood Orange Vodka is one of two new flavors that join the four vodka varieties Effen currently produces.  Gone is Effen Salted Caramel.  Effen vodka is crafted with premium wheat from Northern Holland and pure spring water that has been filtered through reverse osmosis.  A low temperature continuous rectification process is used to avoid caramelization of the sugars.  It is filtered five times through active carbon in a bottom up filtration process.  Natural flavor is infused before bottling at 75 proof. Read more »


Review: Indio Blood Orange Vodka

Indio Blood Orange Vodka ImageIndio Blood Orange Vodka was introduced in 2006.  It is one of six vodka varieties they produce in Portland Oregon.  The other’s include Marionberry, Lemongrass Lime, Ultra Premium, Chute Eight, and their limited release Starka Barrel Aged Vodka.  The Indio Spirits Company also creates several whiskey’s, rum’s, gin, and liqueurs.  At one time they also made a Wasabi flavored vodka.  Indio Blood Orange is distilled from rye and is filtered through charcoal activated coconut husks.  Blood Orange flavor is infused before bottling at 80 proof. Read more »


Review: 3 Howls Blood Orange Vodka

3 Howls Blood Orange3 Howls Blood Orange Vodka was launched October 2013, and it is part of a spirit lineup that includes 3 whiskeys, 3 vodka’s, 2 gin’s, and 2 rums.  All are crafted at their distillery in the Sodo neighborhood of Seattle Washington.  3 Howls Blood Orange is made with a corn grain mash bill.  It is distilled 7 times in a 300 gallon copper still.  The vodka is 100% naturally flavor vapor infused with locally sourced dehydrated blood oranges and a specialty blend of spices including hand chopped cloves, and cardamom.  Carmelized sugar is blended after the distillation process, (less than 2%).  No glycerine is added.  3 Howls is hand bottled, and labeled. Read more »


Review: Pickers Blood Orange Vodka

Pickers Blood Orange Vodka - CopyPickers Blood Orange vodka was introduced earlier this year and it is one of three vodkas crafted at the Speakeasy Spirits Distillery located in the historic west town neighborhood of Nashville Tennessee.  The other flavors are Blueberry and their Original unflavored.  The Speakeasy Spirits Distillery was opened in 2012 by Jeff and Jenny Pennington.  They also create the previously reviewed Whisper Creek Tennessee Sipping Cream, and Pennington’s Strawberry Rye Whiskey.  Pickers Blood Orange vodka is made with non GMO corn that is distilled 11 times in a 22 foot state of the art column still, that features 48 plates to remove impurities.  Once distilled the vodka is blended with pure Tennessee limestone water and filtered four times.  Real fruit and extracts including California grown blood orange juice are infused before bottling at 70 proof. Read more »


Review: Devotion Blood Orange Vodka

Devotion Blood Orange Vodka ImageDevotion Blood Orange vodka is one of seven vodka’s made in Middleton Wisconsin under the Devotion label.  The other flavors include Black and Blue, Coconut, Wild Cherry, Cosmo, Tiki Tea, and their Original unflavored.  They use 100% high grade USA non-GMO corn and deionized water.  It is distilled six times and multi filtered.  A unique flavoring process developed by the makers of Arizona Iced Tea is used to eliminate the need for added sugar.  The essence of Moro, Tarocco, Sanguinelli, and Kanhpur Blood oranges, and natural flavor compounds are infused before bottling at 80 proof. Read more »


Review: Charbay Blood Orange Vodka

Charbay Blood Orange - CopyCharbay Blood Orange vodka is one of 6 flavored vodka’s the Karakasevic family crafts in Napa Valley with their unflavored vodka as a base.  It is crafted with Midwest grown corn and rye.  They use a 660 gallon still along with a proprietary distillation process and distill to 192 proof.  Pure spring water that has been filtered to 3 PPM purity is used to reduce the proof.  One batch of Blood Orange is made each year with whole blood oranges grown in Central California.  They are crushed whole within the first three days of picking in February each year.  The flavor and color extraction process takes six months.  The extraction is then gently blended with the vodka and bottled at 80 proof. Read more »


Review: 2Nite Sicilian Blood Orange Vodka

2 nite blood orange vodka - Copy2Nite Sicilian Blood Orange vodka is one of four vodka’s they currently create in Lombardy Italy.  The other three flavors include Alpine Mint, Caffe Espresso, and an unflavored vodka.  It is made with GMO-free organically grown Tuscan semolina wheat and pure glacial water from the Italian Alps.  It is filtered four times through crushed Italian marble before natural Sicilian blood orange flavor is infused.  Hand painted Italian glass bottles are then filled with the 80 proof vodka. Read more »


Review: Skyy Infusions Blood Orange Vodka

skyy blood orange - CopySkyy Infusions Blood Orange vodka was introduced with their Dragon Fruit vodka in 2011.  It is one of 13 flavored vodkas they now create with wheat distilled in Pekin Illinois.  They then transport the alcohol to San Jose California where water that has been filtered through reverse osmosis is added.  They triple distill and filter before infusing with natural blood orange flavors. Read more »