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December 6, 2015

Review: FOS Greek Mastiha Liqueur

by Jeff Ellingson

FOS Greek Mastiha Liqueur - CopyFOS Greek Mastiha Liqueur is crafted on the small Greek island of Chios with a resin from the Mastiha tree, also known as the crying tree.  This evergreen shrub has a lifespan of over 100 years and is grown and cultivated exclusively on this island.  The Mastiha trees get pricked and delicately sliced at the surface.  It takes several weeks to collect the crying mastiha resin that falls from the openings in the tree.  Once collected the resin is washed with olive oil soap and rainwater, and mixed with fine quality alcohol and put in large bronze tanks and heated carefully by wood fire.  Once distilled it is blended with a proprietary mix of other ingredients.  After inspection and testing it is bottled at 56 proof.The aroma is fresh carrots, cardamom, and pine.  The thick syrupy entry has simple syrup, carrot, cardamom and pine flavor.  Fruit Stripe gum and allspice flavor arrive building to a juicy orange cardamom peak.  It fades with a warm tingle and the smooth finish leaves a citrus pine taste.  This is a very unique liqueur that I probably would have walked past in a liquor store.  I’m very happy to have received a bottle of FOS to sample and review.  Currently FOS is available at Miami’s hottest clubs, best restaurants, and liquor stores.  Distribution will expand soon.

MA je Stic

2 Oz. FOS Mastiha Liqueur

2 Oz. Fresh Grapefruit Juice

Shake With Ice

Serve on the Rocks

Top With a Splash of Soda Water

Garnish With 2 Mint Leaves

Made in Greece

28% Alcohol

Grade 92  Award Gold Medal

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