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Review: Chopin Rye Vodka

Chopin Rye Vodka was launched March 2011.  Rye joins the Original Chopin Potato, and Chopin Wheat Vodka.  It is produced at a distillery located in the picturesque village of Krzesk Poland with a history dating back to the 1900th century.  The Dorda family acquired the distillery in 2003, restoring its traditional operations to their former splendor as well as modernizing it’s bottling and packaging facilities.  Chopin Rye Vodka is cultivated from farm to bottle with the finest naturally grown golden rye grown within 25 miles of the distillery.  The vodka is distilled in the distillery’s original four column copper still.  It is then filtered five times.  Purified artesian well water is blended before bottling at 80 proof. Read more »


Review: Wyborowa Wodka

Wyborowa Wodka is made by Polmos Poznan at a distillery dating back to 1823.  Wyborowa translates in English to Excellent.  Wyborowa Wodka was launched in 1927.  It is made from rye grain grown in Western Poland and water sourced from a 200 meter well.  Three kilograms of rye are needed to produce one liter of vodka.  The pure rye is mashed and distilled once at 40 small individually owned agricultural distilleries.  The spirit is then distilled in a copper pot still.  After arriving at the Wyborowa Distillery the raw spirit is rectified in a three column continuous still.  The spirit is then filtered through natural cellulose plates and mesh filters. Read more »


Review: Chopin Wheat Vodka

Chopin Wheat Vodka was introduced March 2011 along with Chopin Rye Vodka.  Both join their original Chopin Potato Vodka, that was launched in the US in 1997.  All three are produced at a distillery that dates back to the 19th century.  This distillery was acquired by the Dorda family in 2003.  It sits on 17 acres in the countryside village of Krzesk in the Eastern Podlasie Region of Poland.  100% of Chopin’s alcohol is produced from raw hand selected materials.  Most companies purchase bulk alcohol from large commercial distilleries.  Chopin Wheat vodka is crafted from winter wheat naturally grown within 25 miles of the distillery and purified artesian well water.  It is distilled four times in a copper column still in the spring, and filtered 5 times before bottling on site.  When I think of Poland I think of Polish Vodka.  When I think of Polish Vodka I think of rye or potato based vodkas.  I am interested in seeing how a Polish wheat vodka compares.  For the record Belvedere, Sobieski, Potocki, Wyborowa, and Zubrowka, produce rye vodka in Poland.  Luksusowa, Lyna, Vesica, and Chopin distill their potato vodka in Poland. Read more »