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Review: Henrys Hard Grape Soda

Henrys Hard Grape Soda was just released.  It is one of four hard soda flavors produced by the Blitz-Weinhard Brewing Company, a division of Miller-Coors.  Henrys is named for Henry Weinhard, a German who immigrated to the US in 1856.  In 1862 Henry purchase the Liberty Brewery in Portland Oregon.  In 1864 he also acquired the City Brewery where he moved the entire brewing operation.  This brewery was the oldest continuously operating brewery in the west until 1999 when after Miller Brewing Company acquiring the brewery, they closed it.  Like many breweries, the Weinhart Blitz Brewery survived prohibition by producing premium soda.  Today four of those soda’s are still produced.  Henrys Hard Grape Soda is brewed as a malt beverage.  Cane sugar, natural flavors and certified color is added. Read more »