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Review: Three Olives Jacked Apple Vodka

Three Olives jacked apple - CopyThree Olives Jacked Apple vodka was just introduced.  After creating a Fruit Loop flavored vodka in Loopy, it appears by the name, Three-O may have just created an Apple Jacks flavored vodka.  It is one of 27 vodka flavors Three-O creates with English winter wheat and water from Lake Vyrnmy in Wales that is quadruple distilled and triple charcoal filtered.  Natural flavors are added in Lawrenceburg Indiana where is is bottled at 35% alcohol.  With the popularity of hard apple ciders, and cinnamon flavored whiskey, the timing may be just right for the first cinnamon apple flavored vodka. Read more »


Review: Three Olives Loopy Vodka

Three Olives Loopy - CopyThree Olives Loopy vodka is their tribute to Fruit Loops cereal.  It is made with vodka distilled in England with winter wheat and water from Lake Vyrnmy in Wales.  It is quadruple distilled and triple filtered through charcoal.  Natural flavors are added in Lawrenceburg Indiana at 35% alcohol.  While the original Fruit Loops cereal came with red, orange, and yellow colored O’s, they added green, purple and blue in the 1990’s.  This did not affect the flavor as anyone who has sampled the individual colors can tell you, all of their colors taste the same. Read more »